7 Types of Guys Women Can’t Resist


Considering we are consistently bombarded with images of dumb men who don’t know how to do anything, I thought it was high time we got back to appreciating men. Namely the guys women can’t resist.

It’s not hard to spot the guys women can’t resist; they seem to take over a room with their presence and know how to woo women with nothing more than a glance.

Types of guys women can’t resist #1

The Cocky Guy

There’s something about a man who knows what he’s about, and lets you know that, even if you don’t like him, he knows he’s still got it either way.

I remember when I met Luis; he was a cocky bastard off the bat. He would tease me about my looks and then laugh at my reaction, but he knew the whole time that he was going to get me into bed. And he did. Over and over again.

Types of guys women can’t resist #2

The Nerdy Guy

The thing about nerdy men is that they’re usually quite charming and respectful, albeit in a clumsy sort of way. It has also been my experience that most nerdy guys tend to be quite good-looking.

The reason women can’t resist nerds is because the nerdy guys tend to be able to resist us. Meeting women just isn’t the nerdy guy’s absolute priority and that is just so incredibly sexy.

Types of guys women can’t resist #3

The Gorgeous (but doesn’t know it) Guy

I can’t tell you how often I meet men who are absolutely gorgeous but really have no clue that they are and are actually kinda goofy? Believe me when I say that this turns women on to no end.

So if you’re one of those good looking guys who knows it, perhaps a little humility will serve you well. Check your ego at the door and don’t let your looks do the work for you.

Types of guys women can’t resist #4

The Adventurous Guy

The man who is always willing to take risks is a man that turns women on. Even if he fails (hopefully not too often though), the fact that he’s willing to take calculated risks at all leaves women swooning.

You don’t have to jump off bridges of out of airplanes to drive us crazy with lust, but being afraid to go to the bathroom because of all the germs will get you nowhere with women. So risk it up, will ya?

Types of guys women can’t resist #5

The Clever Guy

He’s the man who has a witty comment for just about everything and leaves everyone in stitches without batting an eyelash. But that’s not al he can do.

His cleverness leaves women with much to think about, and when they’re thinking about what he said, they’re also thinking about him, so in the end, women will want him because they will find themselves constantly thinking of him.

Types of guys women can’t resist #6

The Sexually Free Guy

He doesn’t sit around talking about sex at every turn, but the Sexually Free Guy oozes sexuality to no end just by the way he moves, eats and talks.

What makes this man irresistible is that he is willing to try everything in bed because that’s the way he rolls. Nothing is taboo, and nothing is off-limits. He will show a woman what an orgasm from a simple kiss will feel like. And once that happens, a woman will be hooked for life.

Types of guys women can’t resist #7

The Powerful Guy

Ultimately, women will always find power intriguing because watching a man command those around him and have others at his beck and call just makes us feel special.

When a man is able to do as he please without having to answer to anyone, you can bet that women will let out a sigh of fascination. That’s why some of the most unattractive men with the most power have a bevy of beautiful women to choose from.

Guys women can’t resist

It’s not always easy to become the man that women go gaga over, but with a little work and lotta guts, you’re only a few steps away from having your own little harem of admirers.


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