How Men Dump Nice Girls


When guys date really nice girls, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that boredom quickly sets in and they need to find a way out. The problem is that the idea of dumping them raises all kinds of guilt.

And no one wants to feel guilty about dumping a girl. But it is a necessary evil. After all, life is too short to spend it with someone you don’t want to be with.

So if you’re a nice girl and wondered whatever happened to James – why he just seemed to disappear from your life, you’ll probably find the answer within these pages.

Who is the nice girl?

First off, who is this “nice girl”? Well, she’s sweet and innocent, and her idea of rebelling is jaywalking. She’s very vanilla, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s no doubt that everyone likes a little rocky road every once in a while.

Of course, there are many guys who’ve dated rats in the past and want nothing more than a good, predictable, reliable girl to spend his time with, but for many men in their 20s and even 30s, they’d prefer to spend their time being challenged.

Why men dump nice girls

It’s funny how life works sometimes. When it comes to a nice girl, we always know where she is, we know she’s reliable, and we know that she would never betray us. You’d think that this was the ideal woman.

But because this nice girl comes with guarantees, so to speak, we find ourselves wanting more. While safety is appreciated, and it’s what we think we want, when men find themselves faced with a woman who will be good to and for him, he tends to run in the other direction.

How men dump nice girls

How men dump nice girls

It’s quite possible that after we walk away from the nice girl, we spend a lot of time reminiscing about how great she was… especially when we begin dating a high-maintenance bitch.

Nevertheless, we do ultimately walk away. But how? How do we do it without feeling tons of guilt? It’s hard, but here’s how we manage.

How men dump nice girls #1

Stop calling

If we were calling about once a day, that would stop fast. And I don’t mean that we’d lessen the phone calls until they reached the once a week status; we would rip that phone calling task off like a band-aid – one shot!

It’s not the nicest or classiest way of going about it, but the thing is that if we don’t hear her crying or getting upset, it’s like it never happened.

How men dump nice girls #2

Avoid her calls

If we haven’t been dating her for too long, guys will tend to do what they do best – avoid her phone calls. We figure that if we avoid them long enough, they will simply go away.

Then, if we run into her, it’s as easy as saying that we were out of town for so long that by the time we returned, we thought it awkward to call.

How men dump nice girls #3

Act like a prick

We figure that if we could be mean and rude enough, it would prompt her to dump us, so that we wouldn’t have to look like the bad guy. So every time we meet her, we come out with guns blazing ready to shoot her down at every chance.

Ultimately she becomes so upset with the way we’re treating her that she yells at us and walks away, leaving us home free and happy to be single again.

How men dump nice girls #4

Write her a letter

Although it’s rare that we write letters in general, we would probably opt to write a letter or send her an email telling her that the relationship is over so that we wouldn’t have to see any tears or get asked the inevitable question: Why?

We know that it’s cowardly to dump a woman via the written word, but sometimes being a coward is better than having to deal with the venom that is a woman’s tears.

How men dump nice girls #5

The “Chemistry” card

Sometimes there’s no other way to go about leaving her than to confront the situation in a very public place and tell her that we’re just not feeling like we’re the one for her.

At no point do we make it seem as though we don’t want the relationship; rather, we make it seem as though we feel that she doesn’t want us and, for that reason, we can’t continue with this relationship.

Are you a nice girl?

Have you experienced any of these firsthand? If so, I hate to break it to you, but you’re probably the “nice girl.” There’s nothing wrong with being the nice girl, per se, but if you want a man to want you for good, you’re going to have to develop a little bit of bitch.