Dating Guide From Vegas Showgirls


Recently, the good people at “Le Cabaret”, a top Vegas gentleman’s club, approached Loveawake with an intriguing proposition. Would we like to visit the club, meet some of their entertainers and get the scoop on what it takes to impress that lovely lady dancing in front of you? We could only answer “Yes!” We can’t tell you everything that happened, but here are four wonderful women we met—who graciously posed for pics—along with their unforgettable advice.


  1. Be Realistic

“I’m attracted to someone at least once a night. How often do I really like a guy? Blue moon. Depends on your conversation, and if the guy’s honest and not f**kin’ around. It happens once or twice a year, maybe. I’m picky.”

  1. Be Human

“Treat me like a regular person. Most guys are like: ‘Wait, you actually have emotions? You wanna talk and do stuff? You actually wear clothes? Wow…’ If you treat us like humans it’s going to be a better experience for everyone, whether you’re trying to ask us out or not.”

  1. Reserve Judgment

“The biggest misconception guys have is that we’re all liars. Some strippers are full of sh**—that’s how they make their money. But for me, it’s easier not to be. I don’t have to remember my lies, I don’t have to remember that I said I was from Hawaii last time. I don’t have time for that. My ass makes up for it, relax.”

  1. Be Good

“I see scumbags all day long, so I probably appreciate a man more than most women do. When you find a good one, you f**kin’ hang onto that motherf**ker. You cook for him, you clean for him, you take care of him, don’t cheat, don’t lie. That’s me, though. I don’t know about anybody else.”

  1. Be Natural

“I like hairy chests. I hate when guys shave their chests. It pisses me off. It’s disgusting, and I hate it. I need my man fur. Real men have chest hair, because you have to run your fingers through it when you’re sleeping with them. You can manscape down below, but that’s about it.”


  1. Have a Good Wingman

“The best dogs to attract girls are French bulldogs, Boston terriers, masculine-looking Pomeranians. If you have a really small dog in a baby sack, I question your masculinity. I’ll still stop and talk, but if you asked me out, I’d be like, ‘Wow, you sure you don’t want to meet my brother?’ ”

  1. Flash the Cash

“Getting a room for multiple hours and buying a bottle of champagne is highly recommended. If someone’s serious about dating me, show me the money, and I’ll show you the goods. When a guy spends a lot of money, it just gets me so horny, and I’m even sluttier, and I don’t even have to be drunk or anything. I will love you and treat you like a king.”

  1. Play Hard to Get

“Save up all your money, blow it all on one night, make an impression, and then disappear, like, ‘I’m too busy.” That’ll keep me calling you for more. You gotta play the role—it’ll drive a girl crazy.

  1. Be Careful What You Wish For

“Guys think dating a stripper is hot at first, but when they get feelings, they get weird because they don’t want to share you with everybody. They become jealous and possessive, they don’t want you to work, they try paying you not to. Sometimes it’s better to just be friends with benefits.”

  1. Leave It At the Door

“If you’re going to date me, you have to be cool. Don’t even think about me being a stripper. Leave it at the door. Say you dated someone who worked at the morgue. I don’t necessarily want to hear how you embalm people every day. You can tell that to your bartender.”


  1. Be Real

“Of course I’m attracted to guys who come in. And it’s scary because I never know how serious he takes me. Before I go out with a guy, I wanna know about their life: real age, real occupation, whether they’re actually single. And you’ve gotta come back and show that you’re really interested. Not that you were just really drunk that night.”

  1. Be Honest

“So many guys when they ask me out, they say it’s their first time in a strip club. They always say that. They don’t wanna seem to be a regular. And that’s one of the biggest turnoffs, when they lie like that.”

  1. Be Positive

“Most guys talk really bad about their ex-girlfriends or ex-wives, or overwhelm the girls with their problems. Like his dog is sick and he’s gonna talk about it for two hours. I feel like a psychologist in my underwear. That doesn’t work.”

  1. Be Respectful

“Most guys think that girls who are entertainers are very stupid. Most of these girls have a college degree. They read books, speak multiple languages, travel the world, watch the Discovery Channel. We’re much more intelligent than guys think we are. Don’t assume anything until you get to know the girl.”

  1. Be Classy

“When guys go out with a girl on the first date, they shouldn’t wear shorts and get drunk, and then expect us to want to come back and see him again. No way. You gotta bring your A game to the first date.”


  1. Believe What You See

“I am who I am, outside and in the club. But I dress a little differently when I’m not here, ha ha. I like a skimpy short dress—classy but very sexy.”

  1. But Don’t Be Naïve

“I’m really friendly, but I don’t usually go out with guys I meet here. If I know somebody a couple days, I’m telling him, ‘if you like me, I would like to hang out with you… here.’ ”

  1. Take It Easy

“I don’t like when guys pressure me, ‘we should go out, we should go out,’ when I’ve known them five minutes. That’s not right. I need to know somebody more. It’s not the best way.”

  1. Keep It Simple

“When somebody likes me, I like when they say, ‘When are you working next time? I want to see you.’ That’s always nice. If I see you more often, I feel more comfortable and more of a connection.”

  1. Be Funny, Friendly and Nice

“Of course I’m attracted to people that come in, I’m a girl. I’m most attracted if you’re funny, friendly and nice.”

At the request of the girls, the names have been changed.