Don’t Wait For A Date


The other day while going about my usual business, I switched on the radio. The topic of the day was dating. What was surprising was the advice they were peddling. It was the worst, and really just the standard crappy advice a lot of humdrum dating experts are repeating like gospel these days. The radio host was suggesting that men and women stop looking for a date and just wait for it to happen. His co-hosts were all agreeing with this destructive advice he was offering, and adding their own useless two cents worth.

This radio host explained that two years prior, he hadn’t been looking for a date, just rushing home on Friday night to catch his favorite television shows, when his friends hooked him up on a blind date with a nice woman. The touching part was when he thanked his friends for looking out for him and said if he had not gotten lucky, he’d most likely still be single and watching television shows all alone on a Friday night.

This guy thinks that getting a date is like playing the lottery. He thinks it’s all about luck. When you’re looking for a job, do you sit at home hoping and praying that by some miracle some employer will come knocking on your door offering you a job? Of course not! When you want a job, you do everything you can to prepare yourself to be employable and then you go out knocking on doors until someone hires you. So then why don’t we do the same when we’re trying to attract and find a date with the opposite sex?

It’s because in order to get a date, we have to first evaluate our weaknesses and then take the necessary steps in order to improve ourselves to become more attractive to the opposite sex. This not only involves work but also the sacrifice of putting ourselves out there with the risk of being rejected. It’s much easier to just sit there and wait for luck to bring to us what we desire. We tend to keep following this same pattern until we start wondering what’s wrong with us, followed by a dive in confidence, and eventually giving up all together. With a lot of hard work, you will not only be able to get a date but also actually become the person you’ve always wanted to be by first discovering what areas in your dating you need to improve upon.

The dating beginner should focus on improving their personal and social life

1. Do you talk to people on a daily basis when you’re at the grocery store, movie rental store, or riding the bus home at night after work?

2. Are you capable of meeting new people and making new friends when out at social events?

3. Any unique or interesting hobbies that you can talk about that others will find interesting?

4. Do you have any goals or a career that you’re passionate about?

5. If you’re a man, have you ever approached or started a conversation with a woman before in your life – and if not, what are you waiting for?

The intermediate dater should work on displaying personality and improving conversation skills

1. Once you start a conversation, do you possess the necessary skills to keep it going?

2. Does your personality shine through when you’re talking to others (unique interests, hopes, dreams, outlook on life, etc)?

3. Are you pleasant to be around due to having a positive attitude and respect towards others?

4. Do you dress well and keep yourself well-groomed?

5. Is your attitude towards your ex or the opposite sex positive or negative?

6. Is constant swearing a part of your normal language?

Expert daters are great at getting the attention of the opposite sex and getting a date at the end

1. Are you good at displaying confidence by entertaining groups of people?

2. Do you change how you feel about certain subjects to please others, or do you hold your ground?

3. Are you comfortable letting the opposite sex know when you’re attracted to them?

4. If you’re a man, have you ever asked a woman you were talking to for her phone number?

Remember that waiting for a date is a trap, because the longer you isolate yourself from social settings and interacting with the opposite sex, the more out of practice you become and the lower your confidence sinks. If you’re a man, be a man of action. A man doesn’t wait around hoping that whatever he desires will come to him by luck. He goes out and gets what he wants whether it’s a job, starting a business or getting a date with the attractive girl that works at the public library. He makes no excuses over what he likes or wants and realizes that life is too short not to go for what you want. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? Even if you do fail, it’s better to try and fail than to never try at all and fail even before you get started. Then again, you might surprise yourself and succeed. Now get out there and get a date already and then tell me all about it.