Fun Questions for Couples To Improve the Level of Communication in Relationship


Fun questions for couples refers to a set of questions that people frequently ask their partners in order to better understand their plans in life, thoughts, feelings and history.

When experts create question sets, they frequently can be differentiated from other question sets based on a goal or theme. Some question sets, for example, might be designed for helping people who are having relationship problems, while another question set might help with improving a relationship’s overall communication level.

When it comes to fun questions for couples, what is interesting is, that the more frequently you ask these types of questions, the better you’ll get at actively listening and communicating with your partner.

To help you get started down the road that will certainly help you and your partner improve you relationship, we have come up with a set of fun questions for couples for you to use. Be sure to make free use of them to help with deepening the knowledge you have of your partner and improving the level of communication in your relationship.

So, here are a few useful snippets of information to get you started:

  • Don’t ask your partner tons of questions when he is stressed and busy. Wait until the two of you are enjoying some time alone together. Save your questions for a date night. If your partner is worrying about work or waiting for an important phone call he will not want to sit and answer your questions. Save the questions for a special time when you can relax and enjoy them.
  • Some of the questions may refer to his past and his past sexual conquests. If he answers them truthfully try hard not to make any snap judgements. Listen, look interested and he will readily offer the information. Condemn him for mentioning something you find unpleasant and the cozy chat will come to a sudden end.
  • Try not to ask questions that he will find hard to answer truthfully. For example, if you ask him if he thinks you look fat in your new jeans he may have to give the answer you want to hear! Compile some funny questions for couples and make them entertaining. Ask trick questions and it could ruin the relationship and fuel resentment. Ask yourself, would you like to answer personal questions that could put you in an awkward position?
  1. Name three things you thought previously were not important to you, but then when you reached a certain time in your life, were important. Elaborate on the reasons why they are now more important.
  2. In the past, did you do some things that now embarrass you, given you are wiser or older now? What are some of those things? Are you able to share some of these with me, then after I will share mine with you?
  3. What do you think about spying or snooping? Have you ever attempted to spy on someone ever? Have you ever tried snooping on me before at all?
  4. What would you remove, add or change from the Universe if you had that power?
  5. Do you ever wish you were somebody else? If you do, who do you dream you were?
  6. As a person, what do you think your strongest two traits are?
  7. Are things like psychic powers and astral projections things that you believe in? Have you heard of or seen people that have these kinds of powers? In your opinion, is this just stuff we make up in our heads or are these kinds of powers real?
  8. Can you summarize in three sentences what you have learned from life so far?
  9. In terms of making love, what is most important to you?
  10. In your opinion, can sex ever be as incredible of an experience as it is portrayed in the movies or on television?
  11. Do you pray at all?
  12. If you could speak to the Universe directly for only one hour, and you could get concessions out of the Universe willingly, what would you want to discuss with the Universe?
  13. Where would you like to go, if money wasn’t an issue?
  14. If our relationship was a vegetable or fruit, what vegetable or fruit would we be?
  15. In your entire life, what was the most delicious meal you have ever had?
  16. Are you more like your mother or father or both? In what ways?
  17. Right now, what is most important for you?
  18. Can you still remember things from your early childhood? Would you like to share some memorable things from the age of three to four years old?
  19. If someone gave you $100,000 which had to be spent in one hour, what would you buy and why would you buy it?
  20. Is there anything about me that makes you think of someone you know and liked in your past?
  21. As a child did you have a favourite meal, or a meal that was memorable for one reason or another?
  22. If you had to note my strengths and weakness, what would they be?
  23. If you had stacks of money, what would you buy and why?
  24. Do you enjoy sports that involve agility or do you prefer rougher sports like wrestling and boxing? Does the idea of being rough appeal to you?
  25. If you were going to give someone the best gift in the world, what would you give? — Question number seven is one of the funny questions for couples that could offer up some surprising answers.
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