How To Be A Sexy Man


Men all around the world are trying their hand at being sexy. With so many different, strategic attempts, why are so many failing? I, for one, am tired of watching men try and fail. I’ve decided to let you gentlemen in on a few panty dropping secrets because some of you are steadily approaching the point of no return.

So, You Wanna Be Sexy

Appearance AND behavior, gentlemen. Sexiness is a universal factor and the same general rules that apply to women, apply to men as well. Unfortunately, where women can doll themselves up to being damn near unrecognizable, men have to work with what they’ve got. (Unless, of course, you head down the cosmetic surgery route… in which case no decent woman will ever come near you)… So let’s begin.



No matter the style you choose, just make sure you’re keeping the grease at bay. Also, invest in some anti-dandruff shampoo because women will ALWAYS notice it’s snowing on your shoulders. When it comes to gel, I personally don’t find dating a porcupine safe.. but women like Snooki do, so it’s up to you.

Make Up and Scent

No Make up. Unless you’re a musician, you shouldn’t even get near the make up isle. And if you even so much as look at a bottle of foundation, you’re sexiness level drops to non-existent. As far as scent goes, a couple of sprays here and there is all you need. Deodorant will often do the trick. Nothing nastier than a walking, talking advertisement for Usher’s new cologne.


No need for a variety of beauty creams and washes, but please take care of your skin. A huge, poppable white headed pimple will be all she’ll look at while you’re going in for your first kiss.

Facial Hair

This obviously varies. Some guys look great with a clean face, others look better with a bit of scruff. Regardless, I assure you: mountain man pubes on your face is NOT something women want to rub on their delicate skin. Please, trim and maintain.


Take care of yourself. The spectrum is a wide one, ranging from stick thin to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Happily place yourself somewhere in the middle. Women like muscles, but there is ALWAYS a limit.


Man-thongs are a no. And truth be told, I think men should also steer clear of silk. Briefs are hot on a sexy bum but if you’re carrying some extra weight I’d recommend boxers. Otherwise you risk looking like a big baby needing to be changed.


Keep your personality alive, just make sure your clothes are clean. There’s something sexy about a man who knows how to do his laundry.

Wash Yourself

Speaks for itself. How do you expect a woman to want to go down there if it smells like week old trash? No need to spritz and talcum powder it; a shower will do.

Everything Else: Behavior


The number 1 mistake men make is being too forward. Test the art of flirtation, engage verbally and keep her guessing. Women are over analytical, it’s a sure way to stay on her mind even when you’re not around. This also applies to your physique. Don’t flex or try to show your muscles. A shirt worn properly can give a woman enough of a hint.


Educate yourself. Women like to be pleasantly surprised and a man who is knowledgeable on a variety of topics is borderline irresistible. Be someone she’ll admire and refer to in times of need.


Women are in constant war inside their heads. The last thing they need is to deal with someone who sees the cup half empty. Women, consciously or subconsciously, often look to their male counterparts for strength and if a man isn’t able to provide that, he is sure to risk losing her. There’s something to be said about the man with a smile… and that’s: magnetic.

Alpha Male without the drunk fist

Punching the security guard for not letting you in because you don’t meet dress code requirements is not a panty dropper. Neither is starting a fight with every douchebag who looks at you the wrong way. Being the bigger man is something all women notice.


Please tell me you’ve moved out of your parent’s house. A man with a one bedroom of his own is ten times more attractive than the one who lives in his daddy’s mansion. Cute Benz.


Not to be confused with arrogance, a man who knows who he is and is sure of his abilities can make any woman drop to her knees in weakness. Confidence is admirable; it triggers a woman’s curiosity and makes her believe there is something worth chasing.


Find your passion and pursue the shit out of it. Women notice these things. Once your passion for something else is evident, she’ll be begging to be loved just like that.

Also, skip the cheezy, cliche romantic tactics. Most women gag on impact. Oh, and skip the fun facial designs. I don’t want to be focusing on the maze you’ve shaved onto your face. Don’t wear sun glasses in doors. Don’t approach a woman like you’re entitled to her attention and remember: THE TYPE OF WOMAN YOU ATTRACT IS RELIANT ON THE WEAPONS YOU USE. If you use scumbag tactics, you’ll receive a scumbag girl. Use your wit and intelligence and get the same in return.