Ten Great Reasons to Date a Single Dad


Single dads are a different breed than single men, in a good way. A lot of great qualities come from single parenting, like being mature, responsible, caring, understanding, patient, kind. A single guy might turn out to possess these same traits. But then again, he might not. Wouldn’t you rather see those qualities in action right now? Take my advice – watch a single dad interact with his kids, and you’ll know what he’s like as a person.

For the lucky women who are considering dating a single father and may need a nudge, here’s a list of reasons why it’s a great idea. Know that you’re not alone – I’ve met (and dated) some fabulous women who love being with a single dad. And while I’m sure the following list of reasons could apply to dating a single mom, I’ll focus on the dads simply because I’m one of them. As a divorced man who has been raising my kids half-time for eight years running, I’ve become a single parenting expert.

Not all single dads have all these qualities, but most come out when you’re parenting kids. Watching a single dad in action will show you first-hand where he’s lacking and where he shines.

Ten Great Reasons to Date a Single Dad

He’s mature

When you’re on your own taking care of kids, even half-time, you grow up quickly. A single dad who thinks through consequences and does what’s best for his family is a man you can depend on.

He’s silly

when you spend that much time parenting solo, you can’t help but play along with the kids. A single dad who acts silly around his children is showing you that he’s comfortable with his parenting role and enjoys staying connected to their lives.

He’s responsible

When you choose to stick around and take care of your kids, you’re putting the needs of others before your own. Even the toughest single dad won’t run and hide when the going gets tough; if he’s involved in raising his kids, he wants to be held accountable. Single dads are good providers. Some, even, are single dads who houseclean.

He’s humble

A lot of men are so ego-driven, they’ll never admit to making a mistake. When you’re a single dad, you make plenty, and you have to own up – because if you don’t, your kids will hold you to it, for sure! Single dads are fallible, and that makes them humble, and human.

He’s nurturing

Okay, so maybe men give tough love more often than empathy, but we still want our kids to develop and grow. A devoted single dad with the courage to nurture alone is sticking his neck out, working in unfamiliar territory. If he shows you that, you know he wants what’s best for his kids and family. Oh, and some single dads are pretty good cooks. What’s not to like about that?

He’s not so nurturing

Some single dads need help nurturing their kids, and a woman in their lives can help fill that role. If you’re up for the challenge of helping raise someone else’s kids, the feelings you’ll get in reward are amazing. (Someone once told me, You don’t know what love is until you have children. They were right!)

He’s patient

when you’re the only adult around kids, you have to have patience. While children are equal to adults as Beings, as Humans they usually lack the skills and knowledge to do things as quickly. Any parent (single or married, mom or dad) who helps their kid with homework, teaches them to tie their shoes, waits for a teen to get out of the shower (and brush her hair!), can’t help but cultivate patience. Either that, or the parent yells a lot. As you a watch a single dad interact with his kids, you’ll know just how much patience he has.

He’s accepting

life doesn’t always go as planned. With kids in the picture, there are more lives, hopes, dreams, dramas, and just plain stuff that can go wrong. A single dad who keeps his cool and his sanity has learned to accept the pitfalls and challenges and disappointments that can’t be controlled.

He’s understanding

When you’re the lone adult listening-ear for your kids, with no spouse to help play Mutt and Jeff roles, you soon find it’s healthier to put yourself in your kids’ shoes, rather than being their opponent. You may not always agree, but you’re more prone to try to understand where they’re coming from. A single dad can make for a really great listener.

He’s kind

kids bring out the kindness in any creature. I know, I know, sexy women always go for the bad boys. Well, if you want to forever be treated like his beeyatch, go for the thug. But if you want a man to treat you with respect, a single dad might be the ticket. And just because he’s Mr. Kind doesn’t mean he can’t be nasty in bed. (That’s where it counts, right?)

One more thing – if a dad only has his kids part-time (like I do), he’ll still have these same great parenting qualities. But he’ll also have more alone time to share with you!

As someone experienced enough with online dating to be considered an internet dating expert, I know there are single women who want to start their own family from scratch and won’t give single dads a chance.

But for the rest of you amazing and open-minded women, here’s my advice – get out there and date a single dad. He’ll love it. And I think you will too.