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Moving On vs Letting Go


Moving on: Getting up, going ahead with life, pushing forward without this person.

Letting go: Stop thinking about it, it’s in the past so nothing can be changed, build a bridge and get over it.

Both involve taking initiative and to stop living in the past. The hitch is you can let go and not move on, and vice versa.

You can move on with life, go ahead to bigger and better things but not let go of someone. A new relationship, job, living space, etc is amazing but if you’re randomly dropping in on someone from the past, you haven’t let go of them from your life and you keep trying to include the past in your present. Oh hey, my life is awesome now but I’m going to call you anyways just to see how you’re doing just to share how cool it is. Why? Because secretly you’re hoping they see how great you are doing and decide they want to be a part of your life again! Admit it, it’s true.

On the other hand, you can let go of the past and not move on with life. You can be done with this person, they’re out of your life completely, but you’re still in the same situation. You’re following the same old routine and doing nothing new. Same old stuff, same old person, and same routine-what a bore.

If you do either of these things without the other, you are keeping yourself from your full potential and leading a half life. It’s time to learn how to move on and how to let go.

Moving On

Moving on is the transition from one stage of life to the other. It means putting on your big girl panties and taking a leap of faith into something new. That means pushing yourself to the next step and hitting new highs. It’s learning from your mistakes and becoming the better for it. It’s the hardest thing to do, but once you have done it you feel free and are energized by the new part of your life story.

If you want to know where to go, it takes some deep thought about your past, present and future. You have to know your wants, needs and dreams. Be honest with yourself! If there are things that are bringing you down, or are wasting your time, then cut it off and let it die. Find the sweet spots in your life, focusing on what makes you feel amazing and what makes you the best.

Once you know the ins and outs of what you want and don’t want, make a game plan. Create short-term goals that add up to a long term one. Want that sexy new body? Small changes like cutting out extra portions and adding a 10 minute daily workout is better than sitting on the couch all day pigging out. Once you’ve mastered the first goal, move on to the next small goal like wanting to bench 20lbs more than you already do.  Set a time to be completed for each goal so you don’t procrastinate.

Now it’s time to find people who will hold you accountable, are on the same path, and can support you. Gathering in a community of like-minded people helps cultivate inspiration and develops an invaluable support system for the hard days. They will cheer you on for your successes and call you out on your crap when you aren’t holding to your commitment.

Lastly, act on it. All talk and no walk leaves you in the same rut with the same crap. Nobody likes the person who is full of  “I will’s” but doesn’t follow through. You loose your credibility and are backpedaling from moving on to an awesome life.

Letting Go

Life is life. It will have its ups and downs, ins and outs. Holding on to yesterday is holding you back from a great present and a better future. Forgive those you need to forgive and burn bridges with anyone else who drags you down. Letting go takes time. It’s an emotional and mental cleansing, something that will not happen over night. It is a process of healing from the pain and getting emotionally back to where you should be.

Go through your emotions. If you haven’t addressed your emotions, they can and will be interfering with everything in your life. Put down the ice cream and run away from the rom-coms. Cry when you need to cry, break a plate if you need to, but get up. It hurts but you have to find that emotional peace.

Why are you feeling the way you are? What do you think of the situation? Are you pointing a finger or are you also looking at what you did wrong? Knowing why certain things happen instead of being bitter allows you to get a grip of the situation. Once you know the facts, leave it alone. Do not dwell on it, you know what you know, there’s nothing left to change.

Keep the past in the past. Put down the phone, stop checking in and leave him alone. It’s tempting to keep someone on a string, just in case, but it’s not achieving anything. It toys with emotions, creates confusion and can lead to a whole new set of problems. Stop the drama, we’re not in high school. If it’s the other way around and that person is cut out of your life entirely, keep it that way. Don’t let someone walk in and out repeatedly.

Moving On and Letting Go

The lovechild of moving on and letting go is a new life and a new you. It takes time and effort, but it is the most worthwhile investment you can make in regards to sanity and pushing ahead. There’s no more questioning, doubts, and no more overthinking.

When you move on and let go you’re freeing yourself from the past and working towards being whoever you want to be. Your life is moving forward. Looking in the rearview mirror has stopped and there are no more crashes. When the past comes knocking on the door, you’re able to turn away and continue to live your awesome life. Nothing gets you down and nothing from the past gets in your way.

Say goodbye to the past because the present is now.

What have been your awkward “I’ve moved on” encounters?