Why You Should Complete Yourself


So may times when women state that they are single the immediate response is:

“Don’t worry, you’ll find someone someday.”

“It will happen when you least expect it.”

“It just isn’t the right time in your life.”

Today’s society has taught us that we can’t receive the most out of life without being in love. When a woman says she’s not currently in a relationship, many people’s first thought unconsciously is to console for this. They give sympathy because they believe everyone is constantly hoping to share their life with someone else, or automatically assumes they are hoping to be in a relationship.

That is so not the point.

So many women think they need to be in love to find happiness in the world. They think that’s what is supposed to happen in life, you’re supposed to end up with a partner and live happily ever after. It becomes the goal, the finish line that everyone is trying to reach. Well, ladies, here is a thought:

What if you can complete yourself?

Being yourself should be the reason you find happiness in the world. You can be by yourself, live alone, be free and independent, live your life on your own terms, and you should be completely satisfied with that and that alone. Your goal in life should not be to end up in a relationship, your goal in life should be to be the best person you can be, find happiness on your own, and if you happen to fall in love along the way, that person should only simply contribute to this happiness you have found on your own.

Your significant other should be someone who adds to your life, someone who uplifts your soul and brings out your greatest strengths. They should be someone who supports you in everything you do, will stand by your side, and will love you, not someone who will “complete you.”

Five Ways You Can Find Happiness in Yourself

These are the top five qualities people want out of a significant other that you can provide for yourself alone: 

1. Support Yourself

You don’t need anyone else there for you to support the decisions you have in your life. It’s important that you have plenty of support within yourself on your life journey—In fact, support from yourself is all the support that you need.

2. Stand up for Yourself

If someone is tearing you down, stand up for yourself! Know you are better than whoever is trying to take you down. If you are someone who struggles standing up for yourself, the more you do it, and say it, the more you will start to believe it yourself.

3. Lift Yourself Up

The easiest way to lift yourself up is to do the things you love! You are the only one who knows what you love the most, so do whatever it is that makes you happy! Whether that is an activity, treating yourself to a new pair of shoes, or pamper yourself. The easiest thing you can do is treat yourself well and with respect, and you will automatically feel lifted. 

4. Bring out the Best in Yourself

You are in control of your own life, so define what makes you feel at your greatest, and act on it. Surround yourself with goodness in every aspect of your life. Each of us has unique qualities and can bring something special to others, discover what that is and never let go of it.

5. Yourself

You have qualities within yourself that make you unique and wonderful. Love those qualities in yourself and embrace them. You don’t need another person there to feel that love within yourself, all you need is to understand the love you deserve, and give that to yourself.

It’s important to realize that your partner should add happiness in your life, not become the source. You can feel free and empowered and loved without needing to change your relationship status on Facebook. You can wake up, roll over, and have no one next to you, and be just as happy, if not happier, than someone who is in a relationship just to be in one because they don’t feel they can find happiness without being in love. It can be a unique quality you hold, a hobby, a passion, something that no person or no thing could take away from you, and you recognize that, and you embrace that.

Nurture yourself. When you realize that you are the source to your own happiness in life, you won’t have to search so hard to find meaning anymore, it will just always be there.

The best part about figuring out that your own life completes itself is knowing that no one can ever break you. A lot of people fear ending toxic relationships with their partners because they do not want to be alone. They are aware of their unhealthy relationship, but believe they would rather be in something poisonous than not have anything at all. When you come to terms with yourself and your own being, you will never be treated poorly again, because you will never put up with it for a second. Once you understand what being in a relationship is all about, it will do nothing but benefit you, and you won’t spend every day in fear of what would happen to you if this relationship went to shambles.

It’s not always easy gaining this confidence within yourself, and it may take time to be able to do so, but you should focus on giving up your search to find love from someone else, and pick up your search to find love within yourself.

You are enough, and your own life will complete itself.