How To Be Mysterious To Women 101


Anyone ever told you to vomit your personal history to women as fast as possible like she was your biographer rather than your date? If so, that person was ill-informed. Here’s how to be mysterious to women in an attractive and fun way…

“You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.”

Well, maybe not.

But you an international man of mystery, right?


Okay, well I have some good news for you.

In this article, we’ll give you a handful of solid tips on how to be mysterious to women so that beautiful women will love to wonder about you (while remaining the gentlemanly, scholarly man that you may or may not be).

Learning how to be mysterious to women by building and maintaining an air of mystery drives women mad – in a very good way. The kind of way that keeps her up at night thinking about you.


  • “I wonder what he’s doing?”
  • “I wonder who’s he with?”
  • “Where’s he at?”
  • “Is he thinking about me?”
  • “How much does he like me?”
  • “Does he like me?”
  • “Why does he never talk about himself?”
  • “Why can’t I figure this guy out?!”
  • “Who is this guy?!?!”

It’s actually fairly simple to be mysterious. But for some guys, it’s not so easy to step into the shroud of inscrutability right off the bat. It’s a very fine, delicate art that takes a certain level of self-control in addition to practice and dedication. Without proper application, there’s potential that guys might screw it up and render it more harmful than helpful.

So with that in mind, here’s a handful of wisdom that flies in the face of a lot of mainstream dating advice for men and advice on how to pick up girls.

How To Be Mysterious To Women 101

Two big mistakes we see guys doing all the time:

  • 1. Vomiting out personal information all over every woman they meet as if she were his newly hired biographer.
  • 2. Unnecessarily trying to make themselves look good through stories, trying to impress her, more subtle (not to women) Pick Up Artist tactics like DHV’ing,” and even overt bragging.

Both of those 2 mistakes are killing so many guys chances with top quality women, guys who might otherwise be really great.

Vomiting out your personal info is the quick route to making a girl lose interest in you faster than you can shoot yourself in the foot with a bullet. While bragging may attracts girls who like that kind of bravado, it’s almost always girls who have self-esteem issues or have a manipulative agenda.

We want you to be with high quality women who make your life easier and more exciting.

Avoid the following:

Hi. My name is Robert Thomas McWitless. I’m 31. I do IT. I like playing chess, painting and boxing. I pay my taxes and brush my teeth twice a day. I love my mom and dad, but my relationship with my brother is strained. I have a nervous tick in my right shoulder, and wow, I certainly do like your cleavage. Let me tell about how the ghost of Babe Ruth came to me one night and encouraged me to follow my dream to become the greatest minesweeper player ever.

Keep your personal information personal… Even if she asks for it.

When she asks a question like, “Where do you live?” or “What do you do?” that’s your time to shine. Start making her laugh with a funny answer that doesn’t give away too much mystery.

How To Be Mysterious To Women 101: Taking It To New Levels

One of our guys dated a nurse for 2 years… And she NEVER knew his job.

She was a clever girl – she knew that nagging him to tell her would be the quickest way to get dumped. Plus she knew if they dated long enough and became proper, exclusive boyfriend / girlfriend, she would find out in due time. And while he never offered the information (he’s world class in his field) she simply didn’t ask for his job the whole time they were together.

Another one of our guys dated a girl for almost 2 years before bringing her to his house. When she finally saw it she was so thrilled to learn more about his life that she literally had tears in her eyes just because he showed her his home (and it’s not an impressive or rich house either).

Now that you have a general overview of the levels this whole learning how to be mysterious to women thing can be taken to, start thinking about how to incorporate these other tips towards cultivating a veil of intrigue worthy of a best selling romance novel’s male lead.

Delete your Facebook

Want some real hardcore first date advice?

Think about this: Guys on “the Facebook” are voluntarily vomited out ALL their mystery to anyone and everyone. Now, any girl who knows basic computer skills can check up on all she wants to know for free…

Being careless with Facebook (and/or Instargam or whatever social networking thing is your deal) is one of the fastest ways to destroy all your mystery (along with a host of other negatives). She thinks she’s got you figured out before you’ve even stepped out the door for the first date. And when she thinks she’s got you figured out… That kind of short-circuits the whole “I hope I get to keep dating him” thing.

Any guy not using Facebook for career purposes (like DJs, professional party promoters, or internet marketers, etc.), or at the very least is retaining some mystery by not filling out every single field with copious amounts of personal preferences is destroying his ability to date and relate with high value women – “I wonder who this guy is?” turns into “Ah. He’s one of these kind of guys.”

Stop talking about your love life with random people

Don’t talk about your love life with your family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or other random people unless you like getting guilt tripped and judged while breeding jealousy and discontent and losing your reputation as a man of discretion.

Really, nothing good comes from being known as a guy who will tell anyone anything. And a whole lot of good comes from being known as a guy who is discrete and private.

Especially don’t talk about your love life with the woman (or women) you’re dating – instead, make her laugh. Especially, ESPECIALLY, ESPECIALLY don’t do something dumb like send her a spreadsheet charting your meeting women stats or prospect list.

A word of warning about going overboard with mystery

There’s a thin line to walk between evasive and mysterious. Responding to women’s questions with bizarre, off-the-wall answers just for the sake of not telling her a straight up answer tends to give off an unfriendly, elusive vibe that’s unattractive (not like I’ve ever made that mistake several hundred times or anything…).

The general rule of thumb is: If you’re NOT vomiting out personal information AND she’s laughing, you’re doing it right. The best way to date women as a man of mystery is to meet more women, go on a lot more dates and practice a whole lot more.

Playing the mystery card is a deep topic and requires lots and lots of practice and even more self-control. In this age of personal information being vomited in every possible public forum, playing the mystery card has the potential to piss off some people because you’re not just rolling over handing them the keys to the kingdom.

It becomes easier to deal with people who tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. Something along the lines of “You should tell me how old you are!” Assertion skills are massively useful with guilt trips and power plays people will use to get you to tip your hand (and this is part of the beauty of learning how to be mysterious to women… you stop rolling over for any girl with a pretty face and start becoming much more powerful and attractive in your interactions with quality people). Remember to retain mystery, but don’t go so far overboard to the point where you become evasive.

If she’s a really high quality woman, learning how to be mysterious to women is one of the most powerful things you can do.