Top Dating Tips for Women in Their 30s or 40s


As far as dating a woman goes, there is no one size fits all technique. A young woman in her early 20s or teens would date way differently than a woman in her 30s or even 40s. Though most women look for a similar outcome, there are a few things, which women in their 30s or 40s know about dating, which they either disregard or do not focus much in their younger years. So, we communicated with some of the top dating experts and found out the most critical advice that women in their 30s or 40s should think about. Let us get started and see the perfect dating advice for women out of their 20s wanting something more serious and profound.

Be aware of your non-negotiables

Every woman has a set of things, which are an instant deal-breaker for her, such as – he hates dogs, is a polygamist, or a smoker, etc. So, if you have any such deal breakers, you need to move on, and not get invested in this relationship. Zoe, an associate offering engineering homework help for young college students, says that she is a cat lover, and once dated a guy who was allergic to cats. Needless to say, the relationship ended in a month because the guy strictly refused to come over, and every time it was she who had to travel to his place. So, ask yourself the big question before dating – What are the three big non-negotiable things in a relationship? Do not include financial or physical attributes here, and instead focus on the personality type, character traits, or their value systems.

Do not curtail yourself

Back in your 20s, we all did frown a little at the thought of dating a guy who already had a child or had been married before. But, see if the man is in his 40s, and is getting into the dating scene, there is a fair chance, he is divorced or has kids. So, be open to dating people who have been divorced before.

No lies

Of course, you want to impress this new guy, but always remember the most significant prerequisite to trust in a relationship is giving each other honesty from day 1. If you lied about anything in your bio, be upfront about it on the first date itself, it would be best if you do not lie in your dating profile either. Stormy, an associate manager with TrumpLearning, says that she once dated a guy who had falsely photoshopped hair on his profile picture (or put up an old photo), and when she saw him, he was all bald. We are sure that must not have ended well for Stormy and that guy. So, do not edit your pictures to the extent that you are completely unrecognizable. That also counts as a huge, unforgivable lie.

Forget about the traditional calling or texting rules

Back in the day, the supreme rule in the dating circuit was waiting for at least three days before calling back. Well, trust us when we say this, it no longer holds. Do not treat love and dating like a game. If you do that, either you or your prospective partner would be a loser. If you are interested, call back in the next 24 hours of your date. The entire relationship has to be smooth and spontaneous and not planned.

Be alert of the red flags

Women have an inbuilt sixth sense. They always know when something or someone is not quite right. So, if your date is unable to answer simple questions like where he works, what he does, or acts shady, chances are there is something that’s not right. If your gut tells you, it isn’t right, believe in it. Be alert of their behaviour too. If he is getting on your nerve right on the first date, it is a clear indicator of the fact that it won’t work out for you both. Trisha, an educator offering assignment help services with TAE, says that when she went on a date with this guy, he started questioning her past intimacy levels, and she knew this guy is highly insecure, and it wouldn’t work out.

Know yourself thoroughly

Though complex, this one is absolutely necessary to survive in the dating world. Being confident and knowing your strengths and weaknesses is essential. It is important to understand that dating is a harsh world, and feelings may be hurt. But if you are aware of who you are, what you want, how you like to be treated, you will never allow someone to overpower or discourage you.

Be available . . . EMOTIONALLY

It is okay if your past relationships didn’t work out the way you had thought, but you need to get over it. Keep your heart open. It is scary, yes, but you allow yourself to take the big risk. There may be a chance that you or the guy might get hurt again, but to connect and grow, you have to be vulnerable and available.

Watch the alcohol

Hannah, who works with FineGrades, says that she has a simple rule, No drinking on the first date. Well, as much as you would want to, avoid it or do not go beyond one drink. Alcohol may cloud your judgments and are just not suitable for a date when you are finding yourself a potential partner.