Getting Advice From A Love Consultant?


So you think you are too old and washed up to find love? Take it from me, there is no such thing and I should know given my occupation as a ‘love consultant’. I work for one of those dating companies that plays match maker.

Basically I and my colleagues enhance your chances of finding love which I am sure you could do if you were committed enough to the task and had the time, however few people do these day which is why my profession exists.

The first thing I do when I meet people who say they come to me in search of love is ask them a couple of simple questions. Their answers help me in my task and enable me to determine if it is love they are really in search of:

  1. What does Mr or Ms “Right” look like to you? It is fine if they reply with a list of physical attributes that they find attractive, however if the list resembles a catalog rather than a couple of points and they are essential requirements not guidelines with no flexibility we can safely assume they are not looking for love rather a partner to satisfy their ego. I can help in this department, but cannot guarantee the relationship will last as long as the average celebrity marriage. If you are truly looking for love I advise you to keep a very open mind in the aesthetic department.
  2. What is your idea of the “ideal relationship”? If they describe something resembling companionship and trust then they indeed may have a chance of finding happiness along with love. Many however describe a situation where they are doted on from morning till night, constantly told how much they are loved and given gifts to prove to all and sundry the extent of the affection.

From oodles of experience I can safely say no amount of the aforementioned attention is going to be enough – the relationship is ultimately doomed for failure, or at the very least one or both parties will most likely find themselves constantly comparing their relationship with those around them and questioning whether or not there is someone out there more suited.

If you are the type to find yourself thinking “the girl in the office down the hall gets flowers from her boyfriend twice a month so he must really love her” then you better take a look at what you are calling “love”.

If you are looking for someone who you are just happy sitting next to while you both read the newspaper on a Sunday morning knowing they are happy and content also then there is a high chance you are going to be a winner in the love stakes long term.

So no matter how unsuccessful you have been in the past of finding love there are many professionals that will be only too happy to help you out. However, before you start your quest the questions above are worth pondering to determine if it is love you are really looking for or someone to pander to your ego. If you find it is the former I encourage you to persevere in your pursuit of love as my experience has proven time and again love is everywhere you just need to be open to the possibilities whatever shape or form they might take!