White Pedicure: White Nails Never Look Boring


White pedicure resembles snowy mountain peaks, puffy clouds, snow in the palm of your hand… Despite the cold tone of white color, it symbolizes peace and tranquility, freshness and lightness. So why not pamper your stunning toenails with this flawless white magic?

Check out an extensive photo collection of white pedicure designs we have gathered here: https://fineadviser.com/w/pedicure/white. If you liked the works of a particular nail tech at FineAdviser.com, feel free to book your appointment online. Make your dreams come true, because a white pedicure is never boring!

Top 10 Pedicure Ideas: Choose Your Fave Nail Design

  1. 1. White is a symbol of purity and all the good things in life. It’s the very opposite of black, but complements it perfectly. Black and white pedicure looks so gorgeous on neat well-pedicured ladies’ feet! Black and white is the only color combination that can be used both in trendy nail designs and in retro style nail art.
  2. The snow-white pedicure design is appropriate not only for the summer season. What could be more beautiful than having a cup of coffee in a cozy home setting on a snowy winter evening, especially with a snowflake-inspired pedicure?
  3. Matte white radiates elegance, and although such pedicure design is rather simple, this color is still very special and sophisticated. Let matte white emphasize the best of you!
  4. Gold and white is a maximum harmony. Liven up your pedicure by adding some gold glitter onto 1or 2 of your toenails. A simple gold strip will decorate a white pedicure design in a very elegant way.
  5. Geometric patterns against white background, done using black nail polish, will add some style and uniqueness to the nail design. A nail technician is free to come up with his own designs so that your nails look super stylish and match your mood.
  6. Black polka dots applied onto white nail polish, a meaningful quote, beautiful Chinese characters, or another interesting pattern can reflect your inner state. Do you want to share what’s on your mind? Author’s pedicure is the best way to accomplish that!
  7. Creamy white nail polish is sure to look casual yet dope on your toenails and hands, reminding you of winter weather outside the window. It is not too flashy and will go perfectly well with your favorite pullover when the weather is cold.
  8. Bluish white is for those who are keen on optical illusions. Depending on the angle you look at, the color of your toenails will vary from white, blue, or gray to greenish shades. Come on, give it a try!
  9. Abstract patterns. By combining different color shades and mind-blowing abstract drawings, you can create a truly stylish pedicure design.
  10. White with a subtle sheen – try the queen look during the holiday season to realize how amazing white toenails look when paired with tanned skin!

What else do you need to know before getting white pedicure done? We recommend you to pay closer attention to different levels of nail polish transparency (from clear to highly saturated) and the huge white palette. Ask your nail technician which shade of white is more likely to look advantageous on your toenails and flatter your whole image.