Seduction Guide For Married Men


Here’s a seduction guide for married men. Seducing your wife used to be a piece of cake in the earlier stages of your marriage. All it took was a naughty text message, a sexy voicemail or something as simple as a slow, lingering kiss on that extra-sensitive spot on her neck. But not anymore. Perhaps you’ve grown used to each other, or split time between work and the kids, or simply lost the spark that came with your newlywed flame. Either way, you’re looking to get back in the saddle and want to know the secrets of seducing your wife for mind-blowing sex tonight. Here’s some ultra-handy seduction tips that will get her to give up the excuses – and the drawers – tonight!

Seduce her mind.

Foreplay begins in the mind for many women. If you can spark interest and desire mentally and keep the fire going all dy, you’ll have an excellent chance of getting physically aroused long before you walk in the door. Do this by leaving small, subtle hints about your desire to connect sexually and get bolder as the conversation passes.

Ease her burdens.

Men compartmentalize things very well, so they’re able to fully immerse themselves during sex even when there are a million other things to do. Women, on the other hand, need a little extra help in that area. Take out the trash, hire a sitter, and take over a few of your wife’s errands. Give her the opportunity to relax physically and mentally so that she becomes more receptive to sexual activity.

Pamper her.

Pampering your wife with a day at the spa accomplishes several things. First, she’ll spend the day having her needs catered to: manicure, pedicure, full-body massage, the works. This will place her into a zone of physical and mental relaxation, making her mind ripe for seduction. Second, it will make her extremely grateful and especially ready to show her gratitude. Why? Simple: women are turned on when their husbands recognize their need to be pampered and respond to it.

Date her again.

Treat your wife like she’s your girlfriend: begin courting her again. Yes, this might take a little work, but trust that this is worth the effort. Send her flowers with a note attached stating how much you’ve been thinking about her. Take her out to dinner at restaurants that promote warm, intimate conversations between the two of you. Plan events that allow you to spend time focused on just the two of you and engage her interests, if any.

Finesse her verbally.

Communication is the key to a healthy marriage, especially one with a healthy sex life. Communicate your thoughts to her. Tell her how beautiful she is, how much you miss spending time with her, how badly you’re yearning to touch her. Touch her softly as you do this, but let your words caress her spirit. This should lead to her having a misty-eyed moment, but that’s cool: misty eyes are an indication she’s ready, able and willing to be moist in other places.

Be prepared to wait.

Yes, you followed all the steps, and you should be making love by now, but things don’t always go as planned. Don’t give up if she refuses sex. Keep your cool, and tell her it’s not all about sex. Ask her to lay back and relax as you kiss your way downtown and begin performing oral sex on her. Stroke yourself to take the edge off if you need to, and hold her after she climaxes. No, this obviously is not the way you wanted things to go, but the key here is to display compassion and a devotion to building intimacy and bringing her pleasure, no matter what. Trust that your efforts will not go unnoticed; it will only be a matter of time before your wife turns the tables and begins catering to you, putting the spark back in your marriage.

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