What To Wear To The Club For Men


Wondering what to wear to the club? Preparing for a date in a club is a big process whether you are a guy or girl. Picking what to wear to the club and how to style your hair and how to smell is what every man thinks of before a date. Many questions can be easy to answer if you do not care about the person you are going out with but in many situations, it is the girl that is settling for a not as good looking guy as they can get just to ensure they can actually be liked and have the upper hand in the date.

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Taking a shower an hour or two before the date is the most important step to be able to rock your clothes in the freshest way possible. Having style is all about having the right state of mind, being clean is being confident. After taking the shower getting buttered up in lotion and using a little bit of after shave on your neck and body can help keep a fresh smell on your body all night which will attract women to you and keep your date comfortable and not drive her away after dancing when your body starts to smell.

Picking clothes to wear to the club usually revolves around the dress to impress code of club honor. I think dressing to impress is important but knowing how your body fits your clothes is even more important. If you are too short and can not tuck in a dress shirt because it will look stupid on you is easy, Rolling up the sleeves to the elbows and wearing your dress shirt without tucking it and throwing up a colorful tie will ensure your upper body looks good and styling your hair with a styling product is also a good way to fit in a dress shirt and not look like a nerd.

After styling your hair and rocking the tie with your dress shirt, Picking pants can be tricky. Jeans is the way to go in a club, with your jeans and dress shirts color being dark and light or the opposite, you will ensure you stick out in the club and your girls attention will be on you the whole time. Getting fresh before any kind of date is very important and actually showing the girl that you care enough to get ready and clean for her is the most flattering first impression you can send out to a girl. Being fresh and clean will bring out the best in you and will keep the girl you are with very close to you after she realizes how good you smell.

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