Where to Meet Women in Toronto +Top Tips On How to Meet New Girls Successfully In Toronto


In this small guide, I’m going to give you some of the best tips on where to meet women in Toronto. I will teach you the in’s and out’s of how to meet a girl without getting kicked out of the areas recommended in this guide. I will also reveal where most of the single girls in Toronto hangout during the daytime and ultimately, how to maximize your dating success while you’re in the city.  Anyways, let’s get to it and find out what are the best places to meet girls in Toronto…

Eglinton & Yonge

This is a great spot during the summertime and spring season. I only recommend this area to guys who like older business savvy women. This area has little to no college girls roaming around. So, the likeliness you’re going to see a lot of young girls is slim. You’re mostly going to find women that are coming from or going to the workplace. A lot of them are young professional women. There’s also a mall that’s located near the intersection which isn’t the biggest mall ever but it’s biggest enough to take a stroll through once in a while. I wouldn’t spend an entire day there. If you’re tired from women in Toronto, you can always visit some of the best american casinos.

The best spot to cold approach women is on the Yonge line because of the massive traffic generated on Young street. The only downside of this area is that most people are heading to work. There’s not a lot of young college girls but if you’re a guy like myself that like older women, this is perfect for you. Note: When I use the term older women I’m just referring to women at the age of 23-30+ years old that aren’t teenagers.

The best time to be in this area is around 12-5pm. After 5pm, all the girls are heading home from their day job. So, if you’re approaching a woman that’s into you, there’s no excuse not to grab a drink with her. There’s literally hundreds of bars in the area to choose from. An instant date is pretty simple to execute after you’ve built some rapport from the initial approach. From there, if the mood is right and you’re following the principles of being an attractive and fascinating man, there’s nothing stopping you from having sex with her that night.

Scarborough Town Centre

This is a pretty decent sized mall I use to meet girls during the summertime. The mall’s spacious but very limited at the same time. I’d say that it’s the third biggest mall in Toronto. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend cold approaching girls there the whole day because of how limiting the space is. I’d say that you could day game there for approximately 3-4 hours max before it gets dull and wasteful. I’ve never brought a date there or got an insta-date from the mall because I didn’t find any bars or restaurants near. I think there’s a Moxie’s bar there but I’m not too sure. I’d have to double check.

The type of girls that go to this mall are very young most of the time. You aren’t going to find a lot of diversity either. Personally, I don’t have much of a type when it comes to race but the main demographic colour-wise you’re going to find at Scarborough Town centre is black, brown or Asian. Most of the time, the girls there are in their late teens and still go to school. So, if you’re into college girls, this place is a goldmine for you. Furthermore, you’re going to find a lot of “urban” youth in this mall. If that doesn’t bother you then continue on in this section.

Another thing that makes this mall amazing to meet girls is the fact there’s no pickup artists. None. It’s a complete deadzone for pickup artists. Out of all the times I’ve cold approached girls at this mall, I’ve only seen one pickup artist there approaching girls. After that one day, I never seen another pua there again. So, if you’re looking for a place where there’s no competition, STC is your place. I don’t see an Eaton Centre drama event happening at this place any time soon.

If you’re going to head to Scarborough town centre I’d say your best bet is to arrive either around 1-3pm or 5-7pm. These are the best times to be at this mall. 1-3 usually has the girls either going to school or more mature women shopping. 5-7 usually has all the types with a good demographic roaming around. What you’re going to find during these times, is the large majority of college students.

York University

York University is swarmed with gorgeous girls during the fall season. When its winter the campus is pretty decent but you’re going have to stay inside the Curtis Lecture Hall and Vari Hall building if you’re looking to see the highest volume of girls. I’d say that this place is great place to meet women if you’re studying there or simply just in the area. I wouldn’t recommend it over the other places mentioned in this guide.

I wouldn’t recommend that you day game on the campus daily because of its size. The campus may look big but it’s not. After a few weeks of approaching girls on a daily basis you’ll start to realize the small nature of the campus. You’ll literally be seeing the same girls again and again. This is why I recommend that you game there once a week max. Warning: The campus is infamous for rape and sexual assault charges so be very careful about your approach. Try to be empathetic towards the girl you’re talking to and if she feels uncomfortable, just make an exit or step back. Don’t try to push the interaction any further.

I would also like to add that if you’re a physical person, play it smart. If the girl is receptive towards your physical advances, then by all means continue being physical. But, by the slight site of her feeling uncomfortable, take a step back. I’m not saying you have to run away if the girl isn’t receptive at first. I’m just saying that you should be attune to the flow of the interaction and her emotional reaction towards your advances.

There’s a fox and the Fiddle right off campus around the Keele and Finch area. It’s a comfy little bar. If you’re looking for something a little closer there’s a new bar in York Lanes area called Gabby’s (sp?) and another bar called The Underground that’s located in the food court.  If you’re not a drinker or aren’t of the age, there’s a couple of coffee shops like Second Cup and Tim Hurtons on campus too.

The best time to be at York University to cold approach girls is around 12-3pm. I’d even go and say that as soon as 3pm hits, the campus starts dying out. There’s not much of campus life at York University. Usually girls are rushing home by this time because there’s nothing much to do on the campus. So, I highly recommend you get there at 12pm and start approaching girls. If you’re there later after 3pm, most traffic is going to be in the library area.

Yorkdale Mall

Yorkdale is goldmine for meeting very successful women and young girls. I would say that the demographic that you’re going to be meeting there are women in the range of 23-35 years old. If these are the ranges that you’re looking for then Yorkdale is your best bet. I personally love the mall because it’s huge. It has a large foundation so you could easily game there the whole day if you like. The only problem is that there isn’t a large volume of attractive women. For me, Yorkdale has always been a hit or miss on certain days. I wouldn’t recommend that you skip out on it entirely though.

One thing that I love about the mall is the security there isn’t outrageous and strict like the other malls. They’re very lenient towards guys approaching girls which is how it should be. Seriously, it blows my mind that meeting girls in a mall is not allowed but whatever. The areas in the mall I personally have had most success in was either the subway station area or the giant walk away hall way heading to the Cineplex area. These are my personal go-to places.

If you’re looking for great spots to bring girls to there’s two places in the mall I recommend. First, I’d recommend Pickle Barrel because of the seating arrangements they have. Perfect date spot. Plus, the drinks aren’t wildly expensive. Second, I’d recommend Moxie’s Grill because it has a nice little bar to sit at. Plus, the vibe of the place is very mellow and chill. No loud music or anything. Just simple and chill. Oh, and the waitresses are pretty nice as well.

The best time to be at Yorkdale is 3-7pm.

Eaton Centre

If you’re in Toronto and really want to know where to meet women in Toronto, Eaton Centre is your place. Hands down. I don’t care what anyone says Eaton Centre is the best place to meet women. The mall is in the heart of the downtown area where everything is happening. There’s always an event going on there.

A lot of people are afraid to step inside of Eaton because of the recent increased strictness with security. Personally, I never had any problems in the place because I trained myself on how to meet a girl in a mall setting without freaking her out. Personally, Eaton centre is the most diverse place to meet women. I’ve met every type of women from hardcore Strippers to sweet foreign girls. The damn place has everything a guy can ever dream of. Plus, during the summer time the place is a pickup haven. The outside is busy as hell and girls are looking amazing.

Caution: Being that this mall is the best place to daygame at it’s also the most dangerous in regards to getting kicked out and having competition in. Eaton centre is the most popular place for PUAs to game at which is sucky because a lot of them are weird and creepy. What you’ll notice too is the amount of times a girl will tell you that some other guy creeped her out and if you’re apart of the same association as him. Thankfully, if you’re reading this, you’ll understand how to properly go about meeting girls.

So, you’re properly asking, “Mars! how do you pick up a girl at the mall then?” Simple. You approach her genuinely and don’t go high risk. Too many guys are trying to game her and scaring her away. From what I’ve seen, a lot of the guys are over gaming and trying to push their agenda on the girl thus getting them blown out or they’re giving weak ass openers and expecting real results. When you approach, you do real openers and have a normal conversation.

Furthermore, guys get kicked out of the mall because they’re going to physical too quick. There’s touching the girls and ignoring their reactions. Be very focused on her reactions when you touch her. You don’t need to be Casanova to understand this. The real work is done when you’re on the date, 1 on 1. Don’t try to get physical right there because let’s face it, you aren’t going to have sex right then and there. Leave that towards the date portion of the interaction.

There’s two main places to daygame in the mall. The first place is the fountain area in front of Forever 21. This is a wide open area where a lot of people tend to chill out. A lot of girls tend to be there because there’s mainly girl stores there. Second place is the area in front of Roots. Mainly girls are leaving the mall at this area so you have to act fast if you’re approaching them.

The best time to be at the Eaton centre is around 12-8pm. This mall is always great to approach girls. As soon as 8pm hits, things start really slowing down drastically. In my opinion, the mall is the best when it’s around 12-3pm personally. That’s where you find the most diversity and volume. After 3pm, that’s when the high schoolers arrive. After 5pm, that’s where the mature gorgeous girls arrive (my favorite). Usually, these are the girls that just got off work and ready to have an adventure.