10 Things You Should Never Say to a Skinny Guy


In a culture dominated by muscles, manliness and meat, most guys on the opposite side of “beefy” are more self-conscious about their weight (or lack thereof) than you may think.

So if you’re dying to know more about that rail-thin Romeo, steering clear of these lightweight lines will ensure your chances of catching his attention are anything but slim.

10. “You could fit into my jeans!”
Please keep in mind that technically, you’ve just said, “You can get into my pants.”

9. “I hate you!”
No, you don’t. You hate you. Maybe even undeservedly.

8. “LOL! Are you manorexic?”
Manorexia” affects nearly 1 million males in the country, who may also be affected by more serious mental diseases like bipolar disorder, depression or body dysmorphia. So, unless your concern is genuine, you might be best off ditching this as an opening line.

7. “I feel like I could break you in half!”

You probably could, so be gentle.

6.”At least you’re not fat.”
At least you’ve clearly defined your superficial preferences.

5. “We’ll have to put some meat on those bones.”

If you’re going to spout clichés, please stay away from ones we’ve likely heard from mothers, aunts, grandmothers or forest-dwelling wicked witches desperate to plump us up.

4. “What’s your secret?”
Cannibalism — human thighs are super-low in carbs. Aren’t you glad you asked?

3. “Eat something already!”
Scrutinizing our appearance is one thing. But, barking orders — even ones cloaked in the guise of false worry — is a great way to say, “Hey! I’m a control freak!”

2. “Where’d you go? I can’t see you!”
We get it. We’re so skinny that we disappear if we turn sideways, walk behind a telephone pole or, in most cases, hear this line.

1. “How much do you weigh?!”
Wow, really? Don’t go here unless you’re prepared for the response, “You first.”

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