88 Relationship Green Flags Every Woman Should Know


Not terribly long ago I posted about 99 relationship red flags every woman should know, warning signs that your guy might not be the right choice for you. In the spirit of fairness and positive thinking, and because I have a servant’s heart, I now give you these relationship green flags, i.e. things men do or have that are potentially good signs they are LTR material. I say potentially because one or two admirable qualities does not a soulmate make. You’re looking for trends, of course, which is why I’m giving you another shipload of examples. I didn’t come up with these, though: this time around, I asked some of my favorite lady-friends* for their thoughts, and these brilliant babes came through with some very good–and very hilarious–replies.

Don’t say we never gave you anything.

1.    He likes animals (in a non-sexual way).
2.    He smiles at babies/children.
3.    He’s handy (i.e. can fix things around the house).
4.    He’s nice to the waiter/waitress.
5.    His financial house is in order.
6.    He has a great sense of humor.
7.    Knows the difference between a white load and a dark load.
8.    He’s polite to everyone, not just waiter/waitresses.
9.    He can be giving and enjoys it.
10.    He has a good sense of humor.
11.    He doesn’t care if you fart or burp in front of him, even thinks it’s funny.
12.    He has a firm handshake.
13.    He takes care of you automatically when you’re sick.
14.    He’s not superficial. Has friends who aren’t “model” worthy.
15.    Gives good hugs!
16.    Reads!
17.    Stands up for you and for himself without being an asshole about it.
18.    Very clean!! Good hygiene.
19.    Asks for directions.
20.    We have similar tastes in books, music, movies. If he thinks Con-Air is the best movie ever, odds are he won’t even get a date with me.
21.    Has good manners.
22.    He’s humble and can laugh at himself.
23.    Honest self-deprecating humor — instant panty dropper.
24.    Even if we don’t like the same music or movies, he can still hang with me.
25.    He does not give you a “Dutch Oven.”
26.    Is not afraid to show emotion, and isn’t a crybaby.
27.    Has patience. And stamina.
28.    Doesn’t tickle.
29.    Takes care of himself–eats right and exercises.
30.    Likes it when you show him new stuff.
31.    Sexual compatibility is HUGE.
32.    Doesn’t act like dirty diapers, dirty dishes, and dirty clothes are kryptonite to his species.
33.    It’s cool if he gets misty eyed but not a cry baby
34.    Men should take out the trash. From the house to the can, and the can to the curb.
35.    Has all of his teeth.
36.    Handy around the house is also a complete turn on.
37.    Knows how to cook… at least a little.
38.    Willing to “try” new things
39.    Doesn’t wear my shoes
40.    Gives great neck rubs.
41.    Hard worker, has a passion for something. Anything.
42.    Balances the checkbook
43.    Can tie a cherry stem with his tongue.
44.    Trustworthy. Does what he says. Keeps his word.
45.    Let’s me be controlling. Ha ha!
46.    Smells good.
47.    High tolerance for my bullshit.
48.    He likes kids. He appreciates nature and likes to be out in it.
49.    Not a lightweight. Nothing worse than drinking a guy under the table.
50.    Has similar values.
51.    Cleans up after himself. Doesn’t leave a mess behind him everywhere he goes.
52.    Unflappable.
53.    Charm goes a long way.
54.    Self-confident but not arrogant.
55.    Common sense and reliability.
56.    Generous (with his money, time, tongue…) YEAH BABY!
57.    Knows how to cook and clean.
58.    Opens the door for you.
59.    Patient.
60.    Talks instead of grunts.
61.    Helps others willingly whether it be doing a favor for a friend, mowing the lawn for an elderly neighbor, or helping a stranger change a flat tire.
62.    Likes to dance with you even if he isn’t very good at it.
63.    A gentleman.
64.    Great hands!
65.    Can see both sides of a situation and treats people with compassion.
66.    A wicked sense of humor is an instant success with me, too.
67.    Gives flowers for no reason.
68.    Says he’s sorry when he’s wrong.
69.    No grudge- holding.
70.    Likes to go for walks with you and holds your hand.
71.    Gives you his full attention when you are having a conversation.
72.    Tells you that you are beautiful.
73.    He is willing to talk things out, to work on things that need to be worked on. Not just yelling and screaming and stomping out.
74.    When disagreements come up, he fights fair.
75.    Kills the roaches.
76.    Broad shoulders to snuggle up against.
77.    He knows and understands the same cultural references that you do.
78.    Buys you a new car!
79.    Remembers your birthday and other occasions. Extravagant gifts aren’t important, but him letting you know that you are important to him is.
80.    Big dick.
81.    Cleans the dishes without being asked after you cooked dinner.
82.    Lets you do OCD stuff like pluck his unibrow.
83.    Keeps his man-hair man-groomed.
84.    Is nice to your pet.
85.    Brings you your favorite candy randomly.
86.    Doesn’t get his panties in a twist when you tell him you need a night to yourself for whatever reason. Just says ok and goes about his business.
87.    Thinks I’m funny and laughs at my jokes.
88.    Knows how to use an electric lawn edger.

That’s a whole lot of green flags, but I bet our readers can come up with even more. Let’s hear your additions. What did we miss?

Photo by Brooke Winters on Unsplash