The 11 Quickest Ways To Turn A Guy Off


We usually try to keep our posts positive here on Loveawake, but since we just have posted an article about 101 ways to turn a guy on, we figured you might want to hear about the other side of that. Luckily it’s a lot harder to turn a guy off than to turn a guy on, so you get 11 instead of 101.

We should really call this “The 11 Quickest Ways To Turn Anybody Off,” because they are as relevant to male behavior as they to female behavior. And none of these should surprise you. Consider this a gentle reminder. (Many thanks to my Facebook friends for their wise input.)

In no particular order:

Answering your cell phone or read texts during a date.

No, you don’t “need to get this,” not unless someone is dying or there’s a meteor about to strike our planet. If you absolutely must consult your phone during the evening, please wait until one of us goes to the restroom.


Huge turn-off! Smoking is not cool; it’s stupid and it looks stupid on you. It stinks, too, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Talking trash about everybody.

Constantly putting others down points to a lack of confidence in you. That’s not attractive.

Having stank.ass.breath.

Brush, floss, chew gum, whatever you have to do. Have a roommate or friend check your breath if you’re not sure. This is a date killer.

“Accidentally” running into your friends on our date.

What a coincidence that of all the bars and restaurants in town, your friends wound up in the same place we went! What are the odds? Not as high as the odds that anyone would fall for this silly old ruse.


If you are threatened by our family, friends (especially the opposite sex), or co-workers, it feels like you distrust us. Whether or not that’s the case, the end result is a turn-off.

Being late consistently.

A lack of punctuality reflects a lack of respect for the person(s) you’re seeing. Everyone gets caught in traffic sometimes, but if you’re never on time, we will assume that you just don’t care.

Wearing ugly, nasty panties.

We do notice nasty underwear, just like you notice it on us. So if you think there’s a chance we’ll be getting naked together, forgo the period panties and we won’t wear our skid-marked boxers.

Being vain.

This one’s tricky because there’s a fine line between confidence and vanity. One is healthy and attractive, the other is neither. A confident person can walk through a room and give no thought to who’s watching her or what they think. A vain person walks through a room and assumes that everyone is watching her and thinks she’s hot shit. That’s the difference.


The ugly step-cousin of talking constant trash. Gossiping makes you look petty. Petty = ugly.

Being rude.

I’ve said this in other posts and it bears repeating: if you’re nice to me but rude to the waiter, you’re not nice. The true test of your kindness is how you treat people whom you are not trying to impress.

Okay, your turn. Instant turn-offs for either sex. Go.

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash