101 Things You Do That Turn Guys On


Hello girls. Do you want to know what turns us on? You must, because it’s a common question around here. Ask you and you shall receive. In abundance.

Guys are turned on when you…

1.    Smile
2.    Make random physical contact: grab his arm, hug him, smack his ass
3.    Are witty
4.    Say hi to him first
5.    Compliment him
6.    Impress him with your brilliance
7.    Love long slow kisses
8.    Remember his name
9.    Beat him in Scrabble (sometimes, not every time)
10.    Play guitar
11.    Play drums
12.    Play The Clash
13.    Play Just Dance and kick everyone’s butt
14.    Wear just a hint of perfume
15.    Sing (even badly)
16.    Aren’t ashamed of your body
17.    Take his side
18.    Are quick to forgive people
19.    Stand up for your friends
20.    Sleep naked
21.    Play video games
22.    Have a sense of humor
23.    Have compassion and empathy
24.    Know how to play poker
25.    Tell him what you want during sex
26.    Tell him when you like what he’s doing during sex
27.    Quote funny movies like Office Space, Monty Python, Raising Arizona
28.    Run your hands through his hair when he kisses you
29.    Know the words to “Misty Mountain Hop” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine”
30.    Wear sexy underwear
31.    Wear no underwear
32.    Love kids
33.    Love dogs
34.    Hate cats*
35.    Have pictures of your nieces and nephews on your Facebook page
36.    Go braless
37.    Go barefoot
38.    Love different kinds of food
39.    Make the first move
40.    Make bad jokes
41.    Have big dreams
42.    Love to read
43.    Love to laugh
44.    Love tickle fights
45.    Treat people with kindness, whether they’re your friends or the cashier
46.    Sit in his lap
47.    Are confident and uninhibited in the sack
48.    Can laugh at yourself
49.    Have pet names for him
50.    Have pet names for your boobs
51.    Wear your hair up
52.    Give people the benefit of the doubt
53.    Do the right thing
54.    Screw up and admit it
55.    Strip for him
56.    Want to see the world
57.    Cook (even if you aren’t very good at it)
58.    Smell like lilacs and/or honeysuckle
59.    Whisper naughty things in his ear out of the blue
60.    Let him take care of you
61.    Wear Chuck Taylors or Vans
62.    Bite him sometimes (not too hard, please)
63.    Order a cheeseburger and fries instead of salad at least once
64.    Text him
65.    Sext him
66.    Give him back rubs
67.    Undress him
68.    Let him undress you
69.    Say his name during sex
70.    Skinny dip
71.    Randomly break out into foreign languages you don’t even know during sex
72.    Read trashy mags like InTouch Weekly or Us
73.    Want to wrestle
74.    Love his family
75.    Can be tough when you need to
76.    Tell him how you feel about him
77.    Tell him he’s sexy
78.    Invite him into the shower with you
79.    Wash his back
80.    Praise his shampoo mohawk even though you’ve seen it 200 times
81.    Would do anything for your friends
82.    Ride the roller coaster
83.    Hug him from behind
84.    Order him to do you. Now.
85.    Say things like “We’re a perfect match” or “You fit me just right”
86.    Admit when you’re wrong
87.    Accept his apology when he’s wrong
88.    Get a new ‘do
89.    Take him to Vegas
90.    Aren’t afraid to get dirty
91.    Wear glasses
92.    Buy him something he needed but didn’t know it
93.    Snuggle
94.    Kiss his neck
95.    Cheer him up when he’s down
96.    Brag on him to your friends
97.    Write him notes
98.    Hold his hand
99.    Defend him
100.    Challenge him
101.    Love him

Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash