Reason To Overcome Your Resistance To Online Dating


Online dating has been going on for quite some time, but the stigma surrounding it still persists. If finding Mr. Right is taking longer than you’d like, it might be time to get over your resistance and turn your computer into a love machine. It’s not as scary as you might think.

Reason #1

Many people think online dating is for the freaks and geeks who can’t find love in real life. Not so! It’s also for the people who don’t have time to meet a lot of new people, whose line of work doesn’t expose them to prospective dates, who are new to a city, or who are too shy to approach people. So … pretty much normal people who have had less-than-stellar luck in real life! Sure there are freaks and geeks — but that’s what makes it entertaining.

Reason #2

Are you worried meeting online isn’t a “romantic story?” Sure, we all want to “meet cute,” but if you get so caught up in what you’ll tell your grandkids, you could be missing out on a great partner! Meeting online is the new “getting set up by a friend.” The friend just happens to be Mrs. Dot Com. The romance comes after you get out from behind your computer and go on a real date. Plenty of modern couples meet this way — even if they don’t admit it. (And you don’t have to either!)

Reason #3

If you’re hesitant to spend your hard earned money, there are many options.,, and all offer free online dating., one of the most popular sites, lets you create a profile and browse for free, and offers a free trial and six month money-back guarantee. Take a look at your wallet and consider how much money you spend trying to pick up guys at the bar or at singles events. A month-long membership is cheaper than two martinis!

Reason #3

Consider the fact that you save time browsing profiles. If you’re the kind of girl who knows exactly what she’s looking for, it’s much easier to find that when everyone is putting their story out in front of you. You can search for exactly what you want: Athletic, spontaneous dog-lover! Italian, Republican banker! He’s out there somewhere! There are also specialized sites like or to help you narrow down your pool even more.

Reason #4

Do you think people lie in their profile and waste your time? Sad but true newsflash: guys you meet in person also lie and waste your time. Maybe even moreso.

Reason #5

And if you’ve ever used Facebook to message a crush, you’ve pretty much already dated online! Just call a spade a spade, and realize that the Internet is the modern way of communicating with potential mates. But when you use a dating site, at least you know the people you’re meeting want to be meeting people, too. There’s no “This isn’t the right time for me,” or “I’m not really looking to meet someone right now.”

We live in a culture where you declare what you want and then you go for it. By signing up for a dating Web site, you’re saying, “OK, world, send me your best!” — whether they come by Internet or a moment straight out of a romantic comedy.

Reason #6

When looking for love, there comes a point when you have to let go of preconceived notions. And that’s when the “meet cute” often sneaks up on you! Nothing is more romantic than a story that starts out, “I never thought I’d meet the love of my life this way…” even if it’s followed by a “dot com.”