Single on Valentines Day? Try These Things That Do Help.


Been there, done that, from the guy’s perspective. And yes, it is both depressing and enraging to be single on Valentines Day. There are few things you should try that do help.

1/ Rejection.

These are used by people who really, really need someone else to validate their existence. If any of them tempt you, start digging to find out why you are more insecure than a rope bridge.

Sleep through it.

Not the most effective technique in the book, but soooo tempting sometimes. Just stay in bed with a pillow over your head to drown out the sounds of merriment and sex coming from the apartment next door.

Effectiveness: 1/10. Stop hiding from your problems.


Sometimes, watching all these cutsie lovey dovey couples laughing and being romantic over a special meal makes you feel downright murderous. You can always go to one of these restaurants and make a scene. Make yourself feel better at the cost of ruining someone elses special night.

Effectiveness: minus 6/10. Just don’t. OK?

Get very, very drunk.

Not an effective strategy for dealing with anything, but you see it time and time again on Valentines weekend. Gals so drunk they’d hook up for a threesome with a Rancor and Charles Manson without a second thought, before spending the rest of the night hunched over the toilet wishing to die.

Effectiveness: 2/10. Stop blocking the limited toilet facilities.

2/ Acceptance.

So you are single this year. So what? Sure, it stings a bit, but you wisely want to wait for the right guy, not tonight’s guy. Here is how:

Pamper yourself.

Spend some time loving yourself (no, not that way! GAH, you lot have filthy minds!). Long soak, candles, a nice meal, a favorite film. Buy something you like and want. You know, get to know you again. Being nice to the person you live with, day in and day out. It is an acceptable substitute.

Effectiveness: 5/10. Love the one you are with.

Grab some friends and Laugh

Have you ever watched Mystery Science Theatre 3000? Of course you have, you are not culturally illiterate. Well, the TV pumps out tons of romantic movies on Valentines. Grab a couple of friends in the same boat and MST3K the crap out of those films. Wine, popcorn and laughter with friends is the best medicine. One reader suggested a potluck party. Those are always fun, as long as your friends are not the “bring a bag of ice to a party” types.

Effectiveness: 7/10. Laughter really is the best medicine.

3/ Enough is enough

Being single on Valentines Day can be a bit of a wake up call. especially if it is the 4th year running. You decide enough is enough, gonna do something about this, this year. Here are some hints:

Speed dating / hook up events

I went to a speed dating event yesterday, purely for research purposes for this blog post (Yes, my lady went too, so no worries on that score!) There are a lot of places run these in the week running up to the big day. It is a cheap and easy way to get customers in, and filling the place. Though they have been compared to the worst aspects of cattle markets, speed dating is actually rather a lot of fun. After all, you are meeting people who have only a few minutes to get you interested, and who are both paying attention solely to you and trying to impress you for a whole 8 minutes. I got 6 possible dates. My lady got 19. If you see one on in your area, go for it.

Effectiveness: unknown. You can bet I was kept on a short leash!

Get out there.

Valentines weekend is like shooting fish in a barrel, as far as hooking up is concerned. And, who knows? Clearing out the taken guys means you take a clearer look at what is left.

Effectiveness: 10/10. You don’t try, you don’t get.