10 Things I Think I Know About Women


When Foc.dating site approached me to write a post for their blog about a list of 10 things I know about women I was originally humbled. Then I panicked. “Ten things?!? I’m not sure if I know three things!” I thought to myself. That was four weeks ago. Yes, it took me 28+ days to come up with 10 things I think I know about women. Typically we don’t reprint the articles I write for thrid party sites, but with a permission of foc.dating free matchmaking site here goes.

  1. Women read the title of this post and thought,“Oh great, another list from some random idiot putting us down.” Then they came here and read anyway, because they’re curious creatures.
  2. Women love to argue. Women argue to understand. Men argue to fix. One method is a lot easier than the other but I’ll let you figure out which one on your own time. Further, the words, “You were right, I was wrong” don’t exist in the female vocabulary. Don’t argue with me on this one, I’ve done my research. Women will let an argument end long before they’ll admit they were wrong or they will manipulate the entire construct of the argument so they can win. You start by arguing about whose turn it is to wash dishes and if it turns out she’s wrong, instead of simply admitting she was wrong, she’ll change the argument to that one time you looked at that girl’s ass in South Beach in 1997.
  3. Women say stuff they don’t mean. As a continuation of point #1, what a man says in argument last forever; what a woman says in argument expires as soon as the argument is over. I love women but they are mean people. Women will say stuff during an argument that will have you questioning the Lord’s existence, but if you bring it up later, she’ll dismiss it as “I was just upset.” Whereas, if you say something because “I was upset” in an argument it is no excuse. I once made fun of my girlfriend’s eyebrows – an area of sensitivity I already knew about – and she brought it up daily for the remainder of our two year .
  4. Women love to talk. I’ve noticed when communicating with someone of the female persuasion, they want to know or share the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the story. Men only want to know what was wrong and how we can fix it. This is why conversations on the exact same subjects between men and women last four times as long respectively.
  5. Women have a unique concept of time. Women will know you have to be somewhere at a certain time all day long, yet they’re never ready at that time. Then when they are ready, they hop into the room – looking beautiful of course – and have the audacity to ask a room full of people who have been waiting on her, “Are y’all ready?” To account for this I usually build in a window of between 30 minutes and 30 days to account for the amount of ‘get ready’ time needed, adjusted accordingly for the high maintenance needs of the particular woman.
  6. Women need to feel secure. If she asks, “Why do you love me?” (again) just answer the question. Trust me on this one.
  7. Women love HARD. This is self-explanatory. Sometimes women love so hard it’s intimidating. It’s a beautiful thing, but JESUS do they possess a lot of selfless, self-sacrificing, never ending love.
  8. Female logic compliments male logic. I hate to admit it, but I’d often be lost without a good woman in my life. I poke fun of #FemaleLogic because of their ability to blindly – and sometimes to their own detriment – empathize, sympathize, and forgive others for their faults, sins, and shortcomings. This includes myself. While it’s fairly simple for me to see the black and white in a situation, I often need a woman to clarify the grey so I can actually see and/or appreciate the whole picture.
  9. A good woman makes me a better man. It took me a long time to accept this but having a good woman in my life makes me a better man. I consciously and subconsciously strive to be better because of her and for her. I work harder to provide for and make her happy. In turn, her happiness inspires more happiness in me; it becomes a perpetuating circle of striving for greatness on her behalf. She also reminds me to do things I might otherwise overlook or stubbornly resist, like call my mother and tell her ‘I love her’ for no reason at all or force me to go see the doctor to find out the real reason why I’ve been coughing over the last month.
  10. I know one thing about women for sure. Assuming this list is completely wrong, and it probably is, there’s really only one thing I know about women for sure – I don’t know anything about women.
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