Social Apps for the Single Man and Woman


Being single is great on some days, however on other days it can be boring or get lonely. If you are feeling the single relationship status blues kicking in, we have found a way of kicking them out! Check out these awesome applications and sites designed to keep the boring days at bay and spark up entertainment for both those in a relationship and out of relationships, but mostly for those who don’t have a better half and looking to socialize.

Online Social Gaming

Yes! This is most definitely a thing and single girls and guys across the world are sharing their online social gaming experiences. Some have used the social platform to even find their true love, after all what love is purer than one of shared common interests. Those who game together stay together!

This website has also attracted various players across the world and the best part of all, you can access the best casino games on the move from your mobile browser.


Ironically enough, Quora which is actually a platform people use to ask questions, can be used to connect to likeminded single men and women. You can start up a conversation and connect with people all around the world with one simple sentence. The social app is becoming one of the most popular sites to find out interesting facts, obtain useful and useless information and connect to people’s opinions.


Get fit in your free time and use the FitBit application to keep you busy with new workouts while connecting to others and exploring journeys together. The FitBit community is home to hundreds of thousands of users and communities for shared common interests have been developed to keep members entertained for hours. Both couples and single users can access the social platform an obtain knowledge about hiking trails, collect rewards and fact cards, interact with one another and keep track of their daily step count.


If you haven’t already got the app, you may want to consider downloading it. Instagram is a photo story platform which allows users to follow one another. Many single groups have been developed on this platform which kills time when you want to scroll through all your favourite celebs or Instagram friends. The app can be used to interact with other users or you can set your profile to private, allowing you the privacy and optional choice of who gets to see your posts. Instagram is fast becoming more popular than Facebook, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

While being single has its downsides, there is really never a reason to feel alone. Technology has brought young and old men and women together, forming friendships and relationships through the journey that it takes to grow the person you are to become. Learn from other and enjoy people with common interests. Yes you may be alone now, but enjoy the time you have to yourself…after all, this is the time you have to yourself to make use of these fantastic applications!

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