Ten Types of Men To Avoid


Just now we have published an article about the 10 types of women to avoid. In the interest of fairness we’re providing this list of 10 types of guys to avoid.

The Guy Who’s Newly Out of a Relationship.

Rebound, transition, whatever you want to call it, that’s what he’s in the midst of. Men, don’t take on some poor unsuspecting female because you’re lonely. Take some time, heal your wounds, and then start dating again. Most women won’t be very patient to a guy’s newly found commitment phobia anyway.

The Guy Who Never Has Any Money.

Women like guys who can take care of themselves and have at least a little money for dating. And unless you are incredible in bed, unbelievably charismatic, financially creative, or are about to become the next big rock star, not having money will not win over the chicks. You don’t have to have a lot. Champagne on a blanket by the beach is a date as is breakfast and an afternoon of rollerblading. Women don’t necessarily want rich men, but they definitely don’t want men whose bills they will eventually end up paying.

The Guy Who Can’t Stop Talking About his Ex’s.

It’s boring, it’s unromantic, it shows you are not over your last relationship. Nothing is more of a turn off than your past love experiences gone bad. Save the war stories for your buddies at the bar and show your new date that you are interested in her.

The Guy Who Keeps in Touch with All His Ex’s.

Dump the ex’s as friends if you want a new relationship. It’s a total turn off and shows you may have some separation anxiety by needing to surround yourself with women you have slept with. Most woman won’t put up with that scenario for long either.

The Guy who Says I Love You too Soon.

In a word, needy and kind of creepy. It’s really impossible to truly love someone until you’ve spent a lot of time with them. Lust is instant. So while I lust you is okay, I love you starts a ball rolling that you can’t stop. Relationships take time, save the “L” word for when you are ready to take the next step.

The Guy Who Blames Everyone Else for the Problems in his Life.

This goes for chicks, too. Dump this type immediately. They are selfish, unaccountable, immature and will drag you down with them. If a person can’t take responsibility for what they create in their life imagine what fun they would be to live with.

The Guy Who Won’t Take No for an Answer.

Control Freak. You tell him you’re busy, he keeps on you until you say yes with promises that he’ll make it worth your while. This may work once or twice, but no one wants to be controlled. This is an immediate turn-off for women and it’s best to take it slow and respect someone’s else’s needs and schedule.

The Guy Who Claims to Be Worth Millions.

Fellas, if you got the goods it’s tacky to broadcast it and may make some women only be interested in, well, your money. And if you’re lying you’re hurting your chances of having a real relationship because the facade will eventually come back to bite you. By focusing so much of who you are on what you’re worth other people will also focus more on your financial status than you. And if you fib about it, it screams insecurity and feelings of not being good enough and will make women run the other way.

The Guy Who Has the Almost “Too Close” Realtionship with his Mom.

It’s just plain wierd and your date will see the future of her taking second chair to your nosey, invasive mother. Distance is key in this situation. If you can’t say no to your Mom you will be hearing a lot of women say no to you. And last but not least.

The Guy Who Still Lives At Home Past the Age of 21.

Dude, get a job and move out whatever it takes. Even if she can sleep over, she will grow tired of your lack of independence, motivation, and ambition. She would rather have champagne on the beach then dinner with your folks.