How To Get Marriage License in USA


A marriage license is required in order to legally get married. If you know what is required in advance and gather the necessary documents the process will take less time. In the United States of America the procedure may vary somewhat from state to state so check with your local county clerk’s office for details.

  1. Apply for the license at the county clerk’s office. To apply for the marriage license, go the county clerk’s office in the county where you will get married. Be sure to call ahead of time so you can take along all of the correct documentation. These can vary as well as the fees.
  2. Show your identification. Depending on local requirements you may need both your birth certificate and a photo identification. A photo identification can be a driver’s license or passport.
  3. Provide proof of marital status. If you have been divorced or widowed show the proper documents such as a divorce decree or death certificate as proof of your marital status.
  4. Be prepared to wait. If you state has a waiting period then you may have to wait a few days after getting the license before actually getting married. In other states, like Nevada you can get married immediately upon receiving the license.
  5. Use the license within the specified period. States differ in their limitations. In Indiana, for instance, require you to use the license within 30 to days or you have to reapply.
  6. Locate your birth certificate. Each of you will need to provide an original birth certificate document to get a marriage license. This document proves you are who you say you are. This is for your own protection.
  7. Get a blood test. You may need a blood test to get a marriage license. If your state requires proof of a blood test, documentation of the results is required to get a marriage license. The state wants to ensure marriage license applicants do not have certain diseases. Each state has its own laws so check on this requirement.
  8. Be the correct age. Each state also has age requirements to get a marriage license. In some states the legal age of marriage is eighteen. Other states have lower age requirements. Check your state to know what the age is.
  9. Go to your state’s website. Each state of USA has their own requirements for what is needed to get a marriage license. These requirements can include being the right age, having the results of your blood tests, a waiting period between applying for the marriage license and when it is issued to you, and fees to get the marriage license.


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