6 Female Fetishes That Can Work In Your Favor


A fetish is defined by dictionary.com as “any object or  non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.” Both men and women have fetishes that can enhance sexual appetite and erotic enjoyment. A man who is involved with a woman who has one or more sexual fetishes knows that it can work out in his favor because it may lead to her heightened interest in sexual behavior. Here are six of those favorable fetishes.

Body Piercings and Tattoos

Any woman who is interested in enhancing her appearance with body piercings and tattoos may turn this into a fetish. Piercing the ear lobes and nose are quite common, and women may also pierce other areas of the body, including the tongue, lip, nipple and genital area. The feeling of hard metal on the human body, the process of piercing and its perceived deviance can lead to sexual enhancement of the woman and her partner. Tattoos often create the impression that the woman is a “bad girl” and open to sexual experimentation.


Many women want long, pointy or brightly colored nails. This can benefit the woman’s partner in an arousing fashion. The use of the nails to stroke, scratch or threaten her partner can lead to enhanced feelings during sex. If the woman’s desire to use her fingernails leads to increased interest in sex, it can make sex much more enjoyable for her and her partner.


A woman may have a fetish that involves having her hair grabbed or pulled during sex. This will give men an opportunity to get more fully involved physically during sex, and the enjoyment comes from not having to hold back. Some women may want to shave or remove all hair from their body. This can serve as a major turn-on.


Leather is one of the most common fetishes for men and women. There are many aspects to leather that turn women on, including its look, weight, feel and its ability to hide one’s identity. Leather masks, pants, corsets, chaps and boots are just a few of the types of clothing that can lead to an increased sexual and sensual response.


This can be an extreme fetish for women and men. Women are often obsessed with having their feet and toes stroked, caressed and sucked. Men may have a fetish on the shape and feel of a woman’s foot, particularly when that foot is encased in a shoe or boot that enhances the look of the foot. When a woman has a fetish about her footwear, her man can be turned on in a dramatic way.


This can frighten a number of men, but it can also serve as a major turn-on. Women with the power in a sexual relationship take on a dominant persona. This is normally associated with male behavior, so there is quite a bit of role reversal. If a woman needs to be the dominant partner, the male may feel subservient. As the woman takes charge and becomes more aggressive, the male surrenders his power. This can lead to feelings of devotion and wanting to please his partner that are new and exciting.