Republican Dating Site Choice – Best Anti-Trump Conservative Dating Sites


On these days nothing is worse than discovering that the person you go out with is a Trump supporter. They did not talk about politics at the first time, but in a country like ours, this topic cannot be avoided. Instead of stealing a date with one of Trump’s hosts, online dating completely eliminates them. These are the best anti-Trump conservative dating sites for liberals on the lookout!


NeverTrump.Dating is a new dating site for liberals looking for a relationship with someone who despises the president as much as they do. Developed by a political start-up called the American Liberal Council, the site was developed in response to the pro-Trump website, Trump. Dating, best known for using the photo of a convicted sex offender on the homepage of the website. The Conservative dating website also made headlines that it only allows people to register as a woman or a man of race. On the contrary, NeverTrump.Dating homepage says:

Unlike political opposition, we keep our doors open. Whatever your sexual orientation, race or beliefs, there is a place for you on NeverTrump.Dating. The extreme right can do its best to put us in a box and deprive us of all our rights, but it will eventually lose, and our victory begins with couples united in social justice. Let’s make the world a better home, two Liberals at a time.

When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for the presidency, Americans began to joke about their move to Canada. When he won, many began to consider the movement seriously. This is where comes in. The online dating app combines anti-Trump Americans with single Canadians who will make transferring to a new country much more manageable. If Trump manages to stay out of jail and put his name on the ballot for the 2020 elections, chances are the dating site will explode. Here’s how they describe the application:

Thanks to Maple Match, it’s easy for single Americans to find the perfect Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of the Trump presidency.

Trump’s hatred should not be the only reason to look into a politically designated dating site. Sometimes it’s nice to have the same political interests as those you choose with which you go out, that’s where comes in. Perfect for older Democrats and Liberals who do not understand how to use whimsical apps I will lead the games to their first ever politically correct game. This website was created long before Trump seized the White House, but it seems to be much more relevant than ever before. They describe the site as:

Democrat Singles lets single Liberals and Democrats find their politically correct match. Whether you are a member of the American Democratic Party or just a supporter, this site will help you meet men and women who think like you. Join the best dating site to meet singles! Who knows … you can meet the love of your life!


What began as a dating app designed for women has grown into a lot more, as Bumble now helps users make friends and business connections. In the 2016 presidential election, the spirits behind this ingenious app added filters to each user’s profile picture to show those he supported. Talk about time-saving! Those looking for a match could see while they swept where the other person was part of the political spectrum, even if it was “#IGAF” or “Pizza for President”. The application, which forces women to take the first step, is described as:

Bumble is more than an application, it’s a movement. We encourage integrity, kindness, equality, trust, and respect at all stages of any relationship, online or offline. Bumble is where people will learn to build and maintain healthier relationships.

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