10 Ways to Minimize the Impact of a Big Nose


Everyone has something about themselves that they do not like. If you have a large nose you may or may not like it. Listed below are ten ways to minimize the impact of a big nose without having to resort to plastic surgery.

10 Ways To Make Your Nose Smaller

  1. A thin line of highlighter down the middle, and blush on either side of that line, will give you the illusion of a thinner nose. Check with a makeup consultant to see if they have any additional ideas on how to use makeup to disguise the size.
  2. Accentuate other features. Play around with makeup to make smoky eyes. Accentuating other features on your face will take the attention from your nose.
  3. Wear a veil. This may sound extreme, but other countries and cultures find this a common practice. Who knows, you may even start a fashion trend.
  4. Try a new hairstyle. A soft side-swept bangs for girls, and an off-center part for guys, can take the attention off the center of the face.
  5. Wear jewelry. By wearing chunky earrings or multiple necklaces you will be drawing attention to these items and take the eyes off the nose.
  6. Don’t be self-conscious.  If you are trying to cover up your nose with your hand or a piece of paper while talking to someone they will notice. Trying to hide something from people will only make them more curious and try to see what it is that you are hiding. Hold your head high and do not act like it bothers you, even if it does.
  7. Try a new wardrobe. Change it up and go for something bold and daring. Conversations will start up about your new clothes, and no one will be thinking of your nose.
  8. Try different angles. When taking photos you may want to try different angles or even different lighting in order to minimize the size of your nose.
  9. If you are taking photos, and you still do not like the outcome of trying different angles and lighting, you can always use editing software to change the size and or shape of your nose.
  10. Use props. Whether you are taking photos or in real life you can always take attention off of something by bringing attention to something else. Men can try a cane or a briefcase. Women have a lot more options to choose from, scarves, purses, umbrellas. Get creative and try something new and fun.

We all tend to be more critical of ourselves than others are of us. So if you are worried about the size of your nose and what other people think of it try one or more of the tips listed above to see if it helps you to feel better. Just keep in mind that you were created the way you are for a reason and that more than likely you are the only one bothered by it.