How to Date a Sporty Girl!


There are the ladies that prioritize being healthy and athletic. If you happen to be sporty yourself, then you’re in luck because you pretty much know how to go about it. But to those who aren’t really that into sports but are into girls who are active and sporty, then this might be of help. These are the babes who love to keep in shape through what they eat and the activities that they partake in every day. Here are a few ways on how to date a sporty girl.

Exercise with her. Even if it’s just once in a while.

If you are the type of person to exercise and work out on a regular basis, then you won’t have any problems. But if you don’t like to exercise, then you might have to make compromises. But you shouldn’t have to change your lifestyle if she really does like you. However, you need to at least make an effort. Even if it’s just once or twice a week, accompany her at the gym or wake up early for a morning job. She will appreciate that you are taking time out of your day just to be with her, even if it is at the gym.

Expect a healthy-conscious fridge.

If she’s into sports, then she will be into living a healthy lifestyle. And that includes eating healthy. Expect lots of healthy organic foods inside your refrigerator. From organic vegetables to salads of different kinds, don’t be surprised of how little “good” food will be inside your fridge. Of course if you can’t really have that kind of lifestyle, let her know. She will try to convince you. Try to negotiate with her on what food you will get at the supermarket. That’s if you are living together that is. Other than that, it’s not really too big of a deal as long as you openly tell her your food preferences.

Try to learn a thing or two about properly giving a massage.

Most likely, she will be working out and exercising seven days a week. If she’s not exercising, then she is probably playing sports. Because of that, her body will be sore and her muscles will need rest and relaxation. One good way for you to gain some brownie points is by giving her a proper massage. You might not be a massage therapist but as long as you know the basics, then you are good to go. She will definitely appreciate it.

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