How to Date A Nerdy Girl!


Dating nowadays have become so diverse that you can practically meet anyone from all over the world. With billions of people staying connected through the internet, the possibilities are endless. You can meet all kinds of people and don’t forget to mention that you can meet all these different types of babes with different personalities. Just like what a lot of people say, there are so many fish in the ocean. Basically, the opportunities are endless and all you have to do is put yourself out there. With that said, this is going to be a series about all the beautiful ladies and their different personalities and how to approach them. Here’s how to date nerdy girls.

It’s all about her interests and hobbies.

If you were a nerdy kid back in high school, then you are most likely aware that nerds and geeks really have a passion for what they are interested in. They put so much time and effort in knowing everything about the hobby that they have. So, the most effective way to get to know a nerdy girl is through her hobbies and interests. Find out what she loves to do and do a little research about them. If you’re not really into what she is into, then at least know the basics. She’ll definitely appreciate the effort.

Go traditional.

Some nerdy girls are really into romance and she will be expecting her partner to be romantic as well. Ask her on a date. Go see a movie and then eat dinner at a nice restaurant. Take her somewhere special and make an effort to make her feel special. Most nerdy girls are bookworms. Just because they read books all the time does not mean they only read books for academics. Most likely they will be fans of romance novels and the like. They will definitely be impressed by your gentleman-like or prince-like attitude towards relationships.

Appreciate her beauty and her brains.

It has to go both ways. If you only appreciate her beauty, then most likely she’ll kick you out to the curb in an instant. On the other hand it will be disastrous as well if you only appreciate her brains. Make her know that you like her through and through. Not just for her looks or her smarts. Letting her know that you appreciate her beauty and her brains will earn you a few brownie points. After all, she is still a girl, nerd or not.

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