How To Keep A Woman : Major Mistakes To Avoid


While I talk a lot about dating on this site, the fact of the matter is that I get a ton of questions from busy professionals and entrepreneurs on how to sustain a healthy relationship with a woman. Remember, these are all very successful guys who excel at everything they do and who truly love the women in their lives. They only need to find out what they are doing wrong, and then learn how to correct it. And nine times out of ten, they are unintentionally making one of the following five mistakes below, or even a few.

1. Communication.

This one is the most important and the reason why most married couples end up in divorce court. When partners forget how to listen and understand each other, the results can be heart-breaking and devastating. The next time your woman wants to talk, make it a point to give her your full attention. We all know how much you enjoy your football and other sports, but they aren’t going to be there to show you love when you’re feeling lonely and depressed due to being single. So don’t fake giving her your full attention, because she will know and shut the television off. Listen to what she has to say without interrupting her, and try to see her point of view. If you don’t understand something she said, ask her to clarify for you. If she needs to blow off a little steam by releasing some anger and frustration, let her. Sometimes a person needs to vent before they are able to sit down and have a peaceful and productive conversation. But above all, let her know that what she’s saying is important, and offer some ideas on how the two of you can work things out.

2. Be faithful.

Yes I know! You both just got into an argument and you’re not getting along – but that’s no excuse to cheat on her. Are we still in elementary school here? Grow up already. Cheating is not the answer. You might not realize it, but every time you look into her eyes, all you’re going to be able to think about is the wrong you’ve done to her. The guilt is going to eat away at you until you’re not able to take it anymore. And then you’re going to have to tell her, and risk losing her forever. If you feel like you can’t be faithful, then tell her ahead of time so she can decide whether or not she wants to stay with you and deal with it, or leave. I must warn you: most women will leave. Still, with all the diseases going around today, it’s only right to let her know in order to protect her health.

3. Reliability is a must.

Sometimes guys make promises they can’t keep because they truly love their woman. In their minds, they believe when making the promise that they would be able to keep it. The problem is that when we make promises, it’s more important to her than we realize. When we break them, it causes her to lose all trust in us. So, when you make a promise, keep it. And if you’re guilty of breaking promises, start keeping them. This will cause her to gain trust in you again and strengthen your relationship with her dramatically.

4. Quality time.

Due to having to juggle careers with caring for their children, couples today have less opportunity to spend quality time together. It’s important to set up a night when you can both enjoy a romantic meal together and a movie without the hassle of bringing the children along. And if you can both take a vacation together, even better. If a vacation is impossible, even spending a night together in a hotel can be a great break from the daily stress of taking care of household duties. Plus, staying in a hotel gives the feeling of being on a vacation, even if it’s in the same city.

5. Remember important occasions.

By remembering important dates that she finds memorable such as birthdays and anniversaries, you’re showing her that those special moments you spend with her are very important to you, too. Write them down or put them in your cell phone calendar if you have to – but just don’t forget these special dates.

Hopefully, you will follow these helpful tips in order to keep your relationship with that special woman alive and well. And if you need any more tips or advice, just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to reply. And don’t forget to subscribe so that you will not miss any future articles.