Should Guys Have Hair Or Be Bare?


Should you shave, trim, wax, or leave it the way God intended? It’s a tough decision that men struggle with, so I went to a busy salon in Rochester, NY and asked dozens of women how they felt about men’s pubic hair.

Hands down, the natural look is unacceptable. The assumption is that long, thick and/or curly pubic hair is dirty and smelly and can trap unidentifiable particles. So if you are toying with the idea of whether or not to try some detail work between your legs, it would behoove you to embrace my advice as Gospel and do some kind of grooming down there.

It seems to be very popular with this generation to be completely bald. This look can be accomplished through shaving, waxing, or with depilatory creams. There are rules that accompany the bald look, however. If you shave, you must be diligent in your shaving rituals. You cannot let that area get prickly or scratchy, because that can seriously irritate a woman’s skin. If you get a rash when you shave, you may want to consider another option because rashes in the genital area make most women pretty uncomfortable.

If you are a really hairy man, then shaving the pubic area and leaving the rest with hair can look ridiculous. If you are determined to shave it all, then the rest of your body needs to be trimmed really short. Body parts need to blend. Some women do not think the bald look is sexy, however. In fact, I spoke with many women who think that body hair is much more masculine looking as long as it isn’t unruly.

If you are not a well-endowed man, you may want to consider shaving it all off because it will make you appear bigger. You don’t want your penis to get lost in the brush.

There seems to be a popular trend for men to adhere to a “No Shave November” practice. Feel free to let your beard grow, but take care of the area between your legs if you want any action at all. If you leave it natural, by Thanksgiving you will be taking a lot of cold showers.

Women tend to be practical and do not want to fish through a furry bush in order to enjoy your manhood. Besides, skin tastes better than hair. For those of you who can’t be bothered to trim down there, no matter how well you bathe, that area will seem dirty or sweaty to us. It is sexy to think that you took the time to groom for us.

Taking control of your body hair refers to other body parts as well. Look in the mirror. If you have nose hair, please trim it. If your hair is really long under your arms, cut it. Looking at clumps of deodorant while you have your arm around us is nauseating. If you can see you hair billowing out of your shirt, use a clippers on your upper body where needed. Several women also commented that they didn’t like hairy feet. There is a fine line between masculine and grizzly. Look at your knuckles as well. Keep the length under control.

Women tend to like scruff on the face, but the majority I interviewed weren’t huge fans of a mustache. They need more or nothing. If you have a scratchy beard, time your oral activities to when the hair grows a little longer so it is soft.

Final word of advice. Get rid of your rectal hair.

Enough said.