10 Rules To A Healthy Relationship


Nothing sweeps anyone off their feet that falling in love. The thought of being in love with someone, and being loved back is the best feeling anyone can have.  It’s however easy for people in a relationship to argue or even disagree on certain things. Knowing how to handle various situations is however what keeps the other person going, hence giving your relationship a second chance. Here are 10 rules everyone should follow for a lasting and healthy relationship.

  1. Work on Your Relationship

Relationships don’t happen in a bubble. There are times when you will fall into heated arguments, and times when you’ll share your inner secrets with your partner. It takes two to mingle- be ready to work on your relationship. Relationships change and develop, they require constant care and attention. Read this article from London Meditation Centre to understand more about how relationships change.

  1. You Can’t Change Your Partner

Never get into a relationship thinking you will change the other person. The only person that can change for the better is you. You should however table whatever behaviors or things that you think your partner should work on before getting into any commitment.

  1. Control your Anger

As angry as you might be with something, you shouldn’t direct the anger to your partner. It’s by controlling your anger that you can find ways to solve the problem.

  1. Understand Your Differences

Men and women are different.  Don’t be angry about the differences but instead celebrate them. This is the only way your relationship can be exciting, fun, and peaceful.

  1. Recommit to Your Mate

Learn to respect and cherish your mate all the time. Make every morning a chance to reconnect and honor each other in one way or the other.

  1. Don’t Dwell in Anger

Don’t let anger kill an otherwise healthy relationship. If angry or annoyed by something, take some time to calm down, then approach/discuss any differences with him/her. It makes perfect sense to discuss something when both of you are calm, and not when one is over the roof.

  1. Refresh Your Connection

It’s easy for a healthy relationship to become monotonous and boring. Looking for ways to sweeten the relationship either through a relationship counselor, reading a relationship book, or attending a couple’s workshop would be a wise idea.

  1. Build A Friendship Out of The Relationship

As unromantic as it may sound, creating a friendship with your partner will help strengthen the relationship.

  1. You Are Responsible for Your Happiness

Don’t expect your partner to make you happy all the time. It is your responsibility to be satisfied in the relationship.

  1. Do What You Want To be Done To You

Relationships work better if you are reasonable enough, and do to your partner what you’d wish for him/her to do to you.  Be understanding to be understood. If you feel the other partner isn’t doing much, do more for them.


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