How To Date Black Women


I often get asked from my friends “how to date black women” or “how to date thai girls”. Because I am a dating expert and have been around a time or two, they see me as a serial dater. If you’re looking to meet thai singles, click the following link to compare the best thai dating sites through my personal experience. Keep on reading about what I said when they asked me how to date a black women.

Dating black women is almost like dating any other kind of women. I have been around the block or two and have dated all kinds of women: from different races, attitudes, religions, and backgrounds. I can tell you that if you are to approach a black women in a bar or somewhere on the street, you should follow these 3 tips so that you do not get shot down. Keep these tips handy because by the end of this article, you’ll know how to date a black women.

Keep It Simple

Let me say it plainly and as simple as I can: by keeping it simple, you’ll overcome all the fluff and crap that you do not have to deal with. Just be straight to the point and say: “Hey are you free on Friday?” or “Do you want to grab some drinks?” By being direct and straight to the point, you’ll show your intentions right away and give off the impression that you want to take this girl out. Girls can definitely cue in when you are nervous and not smooth, so if you have to practice it in front of the mirror, or even to a stranger on the street, then do so.

Do not try to over compensate what so ever. If you are not black, do not try to “act black” just to get her attention. If you want to learn how to date a black women, remember this. Being yourself is key and this is how we’ll segue into the next tip.

Be Genuine

The last thing any black women wants is a fake and phony guy. Being comfortable in your own skin and being confident is all you really need. If you are confident and comfortable then you can give it your all when meeting a black woman. By being genuine and true, you open it up for her to also be true and genuine. If you are going to put up walls and try to be fake, you will not get anywhere.

Being true to yourself and to her will save you time and even embarrassment. If the topic comes up and she asks you if you ever dated a black woman before, tell the truth. If you have not, it is totally ok to just say you haven’t and the reason why. This will lead us into the next tip.

Be Truthful

Nobody will appreciate a liar. By being truthful and open minded, you will be more comfortable around your date and will be more fun. Do not treat your date differently because you have never been on a date with a black woman. If you notice all these tips mentioned above can apply to women of any race. The reason why is because it really does not matter what their race is, as long as you are both open minded, you can date anyone. So you really do not need to know how to date black girls, but just all women.