3 Reasons Why Not To Dress Like a Ho


Ho, ho, ho! No, Christmas hasn’t come early this year. I’m referring to many of the women of Los Angeles. I wasn’t sure whether I should write about how not to dress like a ho or why not to dress like a ho. One would think that the how is fairly simple: wear age-appropriate clothing that is appropriate in length, don’t show too much cleavage, and don’t wear tight clothing. Fairly simple. And yet, I look around Los Angeles and see plenty of women who think that dressing like they’re on the cover of Maxim or Playboy is perfectly acceptable. Newsflash, ladies, its not!

Another way to put it is: go to the bar of Mastro’s any evening between 10pm and closing time, note the skanky chicks with the airbrushed and bejeweled ultra long fingernails, Pamela Anderson hair, transvestite makeup, and dresses that look like they’ve been spray painted on, and do the opposite! Now that we covered how not to dress like a ho, here are 3 reasons why not to dress like a ho:

1. It Sends The Wrong Message

Unless, the message you’re trying to send is $500 for an hour in your hotel room, anal is extra. A quality man will immediately write you off as being nothing more than an easy lay if you dress trashy. And he won’t respect you in the morning. In fact, he will be long gone by the time you’re ready for your first Starbucks. Intelligent women know that being respected and on equal ground with your man is critical to a long-lasting relationship—or a relationship of any kind, for that matter. Take heed to Areha’s great lyrics and make sure the message you send is one of respect. If you want him to respect you (which, by the way, you do) then show some respect for yourself!

2. It Leaves Nothing To The Imagination

When you’re spilling it all out there for everyone to see, a man doesn’t have to imagine what you’d look like naked. And if he already knows what you look like naked, well, that just takes all the fun out of it. Men find it sexier when they can fantasize about the curves of your body rather than see them. Also, let’s be real ladies, if you’re not keeping your body in tip-top shape, having everything spilling out (in a bad way) gives him more reason not to ask you out or try and take it to the next level. Wear form-fitting clothing, instead of tight clothing, and remember that a good man is not going to want to share you with every other man. Coming across demure will make him feel more special when you peel down to your La Perla.

3. It Disgraces All Women

Women these days have it hard enough dealing with the Wonder Woman complex: the expectation placed on them by society that they must be sex kittens, mother, wife, dog-walker, cook, personal assistant, maid and earn a 6-figure salary. We work hard for our money—and not in the way the Pointer Sisters implied. Women’s lib increased the expectations on women ten-fold, but it also gave us more choices and more respect. If you dress like a ho, you’re reinforcing the stereotype that women are only good for one thing (well, four things if you count hand jobs, blow jobs and anal). By making yourself look bad, you bring down the national average and make us all look bad!