Underrated Places To Meet Black Men


Women always ask me where they should go to meet black men.  It varies and depends on the type of man you’re trying to attract.  It also depends on where you live.  Every area is different. I’ve come up with a list of the Under Rated Places to Meet Black Men.  This could apply to any man, but this spin fits our blog.


After talking to several women, they say church is the way to go.  I’ve never gone to church with the goal to meet women, but I know that there are plenty of single women there.  Depending on the church, you can get involved with a singles group.  Most singles groups will have some type of social outings and potentially you can meet your next date.

Comedy Clubs.

This is a great place to meet men.   You can pick and choose your own brand of humor.  If there is going to be a black comedian, DL Hugley, Bill Bellamy, Kat Williams, Bruce Bruce, Guy Torry, Dave Chappelle to name a few, you will find black men having a good time. They normally serve alcoholic drinks which will make it a relaxed atmosphere to socialize. Just like you are there with your girl friends, they will be there with a couple guy friends also.

Sports Bars.

I know people have talked about this before.  I still say this is one of the best places to meet men at.  Black men are loyal sports fans.  We mainly watch Football and Basketball.  It doesn’t really matter if it’s college or professional.  There are some that will watch all the other sports also.  A woman go can go into a sports bar and watch the game at the bar.  Someone will talk to you and/or buy you a drink before you leave.  One sporting event you might want to mark on your calendar is UFC.  Yes, UFC!  Mixed martial arts events are becoming a major sporting event at many sports bars.  Single guys will be there.  I guarantee there will be some black men cheering too.

Driving Range.

I’m not referring to driving your car, I’m talking about golf!  The one reason why I put this higher on the list than the sports bar is because there’s not many women there.  I promise you there is 1 woman for every 50 men.  At least 40% of the men there are single.  They aren’t married.  They don’t have a girlfriend.  Recently, I watched a friend go to the driving range on a Saturday afternoon.  Within 5 minutes, there was someone there talking to her and offering her tips.  If you pick a good location, you will find black men and you will have great results.

The Gym.

The gym is a great place to meet someone.  Lots of black men are athletic and enjoy working out. Exercise will give you 30 – 60 minutes of visibility with some of the most athletic men.   If he has a great physique, he has to work out to keep it.  I know plenty of single women that go to the gym just to look at the men.  Sooner or later he will speak to you.  The best part is, you’ll remain in great shape while you are waiting.  The gym is a home away from home sometimes.

Sporting Events.

I put this as my top pick.  I can go to a Mavs game or a Cowboys game with my friends.  I don’t need to take a date.  Every time I’m there, I meet at least 4 or 5 women.  Its a fun atmosphere, it’s relaxed, and your friends can go with you.  It doesn’t really matter what major city in the US, there’s a NFL or NBA team.  The teams are mostly black.  So it seems to reason their friends, family and fans will be too.  Normally, I go out to eat after the game with new friends.  It’s a great way to celebrate a team victory.