2 Reasons for Building Your Core


Are you true to yourself and your core beliefs?

Or, do you fold in order to “keep the peace” in your relationship?

Physical fitness trainers advocate building a strong core because the center of our physical bodies provides stability and lends strength to the activities we undertake.

Applying that wisdom to our inner core is our topic for today, and I will give you 2 very good reasons why you should think twice about your inner core. Please keep reading…

Gauging Your Core

A lot of easy-going people can slide into a common trap: it’s to go along with others in a “get along” kind of spirit.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this mindset. To want to have good relationships and to concede here and there is actually a good way to be. It’s less stressful for all when each person tries to not make everything a ‘my way or the highway’ issue.

Here’s where it can become a problem: when it causes you stress, or you are dealing with someone who does have a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.

If you find you’re constantly bending to accommodate others… hit the pause button and examine your core.  It’s one thing to be flexible… it’s another thing entirely to be walked all over by others and their needs.

Here’s the danger: habits can be created without our even realizing what’s going on. We form patterns subconsciously a good deal of the time, and we have to guard against creating patterns that aren’t healthy for us.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get along with others, including your partner. But if you are tamping down your own beliefs or your own self-esteem in the service of pleasing someone else all the time, you are in danger of creating an unhealthy pattern for yourself.

Having a strong core simply means you stand by what you think, feel and believe, but you are willing to bend to accommodate others’ different ideas, feelings and opinions. It doesn’t mean you give up your own just to make the peace: it simply means you keep an open mind and are willing to consider the perspective of others.

There are two very good reasons why you should work on building a strong inner core:

Reason #1: Avoid Feelings of Helplessness

Many people who have become caught up in letting someone else have the reins in how things go can begin to feel helpless. If you don’t feel your opinions or ideas hold any weight, you can begin to view yourself as being weak.

In a relationship, this can lead to feeling helpless when it comes to confronting negative or otherwise bad situations. You have forgotten that you have the capability of having a steel core, and you can come to believe you are only able to bend.

Reason #2: Avoid Feelings of Hopelessness

Helplessness and hopelessness tend to go hand in hand. Here’s where they’re different: a person who is helpless may still feel things can turn around.

But when you feel hopeless? It’s like the light has been extinguished from your world. You can fall into a deep funk… or worse, clinical depression.

The best recommendation for maintaining a strong core is to maintain balance: between what you want, and what other’s want. Be flexible, but be fair to yourself, as well.

My best to you in combatting helpless and hopeless feelings.