Save Your Relationship… Tried and True Advice


You probably think you know everything there is to know about your partner.

Which means, you no longer ask any questions.  After all, there’s nothing new to learn, and why rehash what you already know?

If this is how you view your partner, it could be the death knell for your relationship, for one very significant reason.

In this blog, I’ll tell you the reason your relationship could be in danger, and give you some tips to turn things around—using advice that has worked for thousands of people.  Read on…

Old Advice Stands Test of Time

It is said that people find other people to be interesting when they express interest in them.

Showing interest in others is one of the cornerstones of Dale Carnegie’s philosophy.  He discovered this truth ages ago… and it stands up to the test of time.  His whole concept of how to win friends was about showing an interest in them.

It sounds too easy, doesn’t it?

That may be why so many dismiss it… and never put this very effective wisdom into practice.  Human nature is to prefer talking about one’s self, so it goes against what many may find to be more natural to turn the spotlight outward.

So how does this apply to your relationship?

For starters, your partner is a person. So the principle should apply to them.  And, you are a person, so it will also apply to you.

For example, when someone asks you about yourself, how does it make you feel?  Do you feel some degree of pleasure in their taking an interest in you?

People want to feel seen, to feel as if they are important and worth getting to know.  Think about your partner.  Have you ever seen them at a party and watched as they talked to a new acquaintance?  Their eyes were alight and they were animated as they answered questions when asked about their likes, dislikes and opinions.

Or, have you watched your partner discuss one of their hobbies?  There’s a sparkle to them, right?

Here are 2 tips for seeing more of that sparkle…

Tip #1: Ask, Ask, and Ask Some More

If you haven’t asked your partner their opinion on something lately, try it.  You can start with a story you heard in the news.  Everyone has an opinion about the news, and they like to share it.

Hear your partner out.  Ask follow-up questions.  Listen, with your ears and your heart.

Tip #2: Bring Up What You’ve Recently Learned

To show your partner you have an interest in them, bring up something you’ve recently learned about them.  It can be a comment as simple as, “I saw a follow-up on that story we were talking about. The police chief said the same thing you did about that!”

This shows that you were paying attention and that you feel their opinion is important.

My best to you in showing your partner you’re interested in them.