How To Deal With Lack Of Sex Drive In Relationships


When you don’t have that loving feeling as often as you use to, you may want to find out how to deal with lack of sex drive. As a man, your sex drive starts to gradually decline as you get older. Once your testosterone levels begin to drop, so does your sex drive; however, there may be other causes that make your sex drive plummet. Testosterone is a hormone that is produced naturally by the male human body in the genital parts. It is testosterone that is responsible for the successful development of the sexual properties possessed by a male. It is also responsible for maintaining other functions of the body, such as the level of red blood cells, growth of the bones, growth, and development of muscle and sexual functions of the male body. However, numerous men suffer from low levels of testosterone causing the bodies of these men to underperform in these functions. A low production level of testosterone causes a condition in men known as erectile dysfunction. This limits the man’s sexual activity and affects their wellbeing. To combat this lower production level, these individuals are then suggested to take supplemental testosterone. 

With numerous options now available to order right at the fingertips due to the availability of everything online, it has now become effortless for these individuals to find these medicines. However, with the availability of suitable products comes to the availability of products made to exploit and scam these unsuspecting customers. Therefore it is essential to put adequate research into the purchase. To know more about the trustworthy brands and read reviews of these brands of testosterone boosters, click here

There are numerous reasons responsible for the low levels of testosterone production in a man’s body. As a natural process, when a man reaches the age of 30, their testosterone production levels start to decrease, and it continues to do so throughout the rest of their lifetime. However, an early decrease in production may be caused by: 

    • Infection, Injury, or Loss of the Testicles: as testosterone is produced in the testicles, if a man suffers an injury or disease, it can hinder the production. 
    • Radiation Treatment: with therapies such as chemotherapy, it affects many parts of the human body and can also affect the production of testosterone. 
    • Abnormalities in Genes: any irregularities in the genetics of a man, for example, the presence of the extra X chromosome can cause a decreased level of production of testosterone. 
    • High Level of Iron Production: also known as Hemochromatosis, can cause an effect on testosterone production.
    • Medications: medications, especially ones that are used to treat prostate cancer, will affect the production levels. 
    • Inflammatory Diseases: inflammatory diseases such as inflammation of the lungs, sarcoidosis.
  • Chronic Kidney Failure
    • Functions of the Brain Glands: specifically the pituitary gland in the brain that is responsible for the production of hormones in the body
    • Stress: High levels of stress experienced by an individual can cause many functions in their body to underperform, including the organs responsible for hormone production. It can be helpful in this case to practice stress-reducing techniques. 
  • Alcoholism or Obesity

Without the adequate levels of testosterone present in the body, a man can lose his sex drive and function in his genital area, and it is therefore important for an individual to maintain these levels. If the body needs help in the production of such hormones, it is recommended for an individual to take testosterone boosting medication.

To deal with lack of sex drive, you will need:

  • A positive frame of mind
  • Patience
  • To alleviate possible physical problems
  • To alleviate possible mental problems

Physical Problems

There are many physical problems that can cause lack of sex drive, such as obesity, drug use and alcoholism Medical conditions such as hyperprolactinaemia, anaemia and diabetes can also cause a lack of sex drive. By dealing with these issues, you may be able to regain your once-active sex drive. To deal with your lack or sex drive due to one of these problem, you must first seek the help of a doctor to work out a plan that is right for you.

Mental Problems

Relationship issues are another factor that can take away your sex drive. When there is trouble in a relationship, it is oftentimes hard to find your partner desirable. Mental problems that cause lack of sex drive can be dealt with in one of two ways: You can identify and alleviate the problem yourself or you can seek the help of a professional.

Frame of Mind

As hard as it may be, you must have a good frame of mind when dealing with a lack of sex drive. A positive attitude is much more helpful than going in thinking you are going to fail or that nothing is going to happen to deal with your lack of sex drive.

Alleviate Stress

Stress can be a key component in the loss of or lack of sex drive. When your mind is tired, overworked or stressed out by work or other factors, sex is the last thing that you’re thinking of. When you learn how to alleviate stress levels, chances are your sex drive will increase.