Romantic Films Men Can Tolerate Watching


How many romantic movies women drag their men too? From my own personal dating experience, I can say that I have dragged my boyfriend to a fair share of romantic movies that he in fact enjoyed because not all of them are mushy.  Some actually can be watched without seeing your boyfriend roll his eyes in the back of his head in you perpherial vision.

So here’s a list of movies both men and women can get a kick out of instead of going to watch the numerous clichéd rom coms starring someone from “Must See TV.”

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

This effort from Kevin Smith is probably one of the most realistic romantic comedies (aside from the actual porno) I have ever witnessed before in my lifetime and it was really refreshing to see a movie with real dialogue and real characters. It’s not a movie that is riddled with tongue in cheek voiceovers and has characters buying and wearing expensive fashion labels from their freelance writing salary. It’s a modern day When Harry Met Sally and it makes Seth Rogen into a very believable romantic lead despite the constant profane things coming out of his mouth. I’d rather watch a romantic comedy that refers to bought vibrators and period panties over Prada any day.

True Romance

Almost every one of my close guy friends have stated that True Romance is their ultimate favourite romantic movie. Helmed by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott, this is an essential guy’s movie that is driven by romance, yet is full of kills and action. I mean, what is more romantic than watching a guy fall in love with a hooker, kill her pimp, steal his coke and then go on the run together “Bonnie and Clyde” style? Did I mention Brad Pitt is in it? Nuff said.

Out of Sight

Out of Sight is one of my favourite movies of all time and I find it very surprising that a lot of people have not seen it yet. I own the VHS, the DVD, the soundtrack and the huge vintage poster that I always get compliments for.  The chemistry between George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez is so mind-blowing that it’s surprising that George Clooney didn’t become a real-life ex-husband for J.Lo after this. Full of great performances, actors and the most sensual and homaged love scene without nudity in history, it’s a movie destined to be enjoyed by couples.

Shaun of the Dead

The term “rom-zom-com” was helmed after this 2004 now cult classic arrived on the horror scene. It’s a romantic comedy with zombies….need I say more?

The Best Man

This 1999 movie resurrected the career of Morris Chestnut and received great reviews, yet it was hardly seen from the general public.  Now that majority of the film’s stars are now budding stars themselves, (Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau and Taye Diggs) it’s a movie that should be revisited and watched with a significant other. Giving away the “conflict” in the movie would do you a disservice, but all I can say is that this romantic movie was made for men and deals with conflicts and moral dilemmas men go through in relationships. It’s as insightful to men as an episode of Sex and the City is to women.

Chasing Amy

Kevin Smith just knows how to write honest and genuine romance and he nailed it out the park with Chasing Amy Although, I would not usually recommend to watch this movie on my own because the ending is so depressing and bittersweet, I think it’s a great movie for men to watch to teach them to get over their own insecurities. Girls, the perfect time to show this is if you have just told your man “your number.”

One Fine Day

This is my all time favourite romantic movie and the only reason why it’s not higher on the list is because everything about it says “stereotypical chick flick.” It is however a chick flick that’s entertaining for both genders (especially divorcees) and is a humorous watch. Unlike other gushy rom coms, Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney spend majority of the movie insulting each other and it never gets old.  If you must face the “romantic comedy” gun, this film will be quick and painless.

As Good as it Gets

I love this movie. Almost everybody I know loves this movie….and just like Jerry Maguire, I can’t exactly tell you why. If I see it on TV, even if it’s on Peachtree, I have to watch it. Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson deserved both of their Oscars and that line, “You make me want to be a better man” is a line that continues to bring tears to women’s’ eyes and curse words to men’s’ mouths for not being able to think of the line first.

The Mexican

Brad Pitt. Horseface…I mean Julia Roberts. James Gandofini. Murder, intrigue and 20 minutes of actual romance displayed on screen. A perfect romantic comedy for any man.