Why Aren’t Most Professional Dating Coaches Professional?


For many years we’ve encouraged guys to carefully track their stats when it comes to women. This has been a point of heated contention when we meet other professional dating coaches who advocate more “go with the flow” and “follow your feelings” approaches to dating advice.

Here at Loveawake, we like science.

And we like to know that what we are doing is working. If following your feelings worked, most guys would never need a professional dating coach in the first place.

Why Should You Find A Professional Dating Coach Who Monitors Stats?

Monitoring the numbers give us ratios such as:

  • number of girls approached to number of girls talked to;
  • number of girls talked to to number of phone numbers asked for;
  • number of phone numbers received to number calls answered/messages left;
  • number of calls answered/messages returned to number of dates offered;
  • number of dates offered to number of dates accepted;
  • number of dates to when she bops us;
  • number of dates to when she begs us to be her new boyfriend.

These are the biggies we always watch closely.

We’ll also track split variables such as opening with a ‘Hi, what’s your name?’ versus another type of opener, or approaching while wearing the suit versus more casual clothes, or one casual outfit over another, or approaching in one location versus another, or one time of day versus another, or calling her on the phone versus texting her, or one style of date or another, among many many others.

This allows us to actually test everything being released and hyped up in the dating advice world against what we’ve previously found works best for us and change our recommendations when we find something better.

Knowing The Difference Between Women and Numbers

You don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to figure this stuff out…

And while we acknowledge that girls are not numbers and interactions are not some video game with goal posts that you have to get through in order to advance to the next level, we’re also wise to the fact that in pretty much every worthwhile endeavor or activity, statistics and the tracking of same are always used by the most successful in all fields.

It’s how they measure performance in order to make adjustments to get better results.

Team owners use stats and numbers to determine player salaries based on batting average, earned run average, games won/lost, 3-point shots, rebounds, interceptions thrown, turnovers, assists, shots on goal, goals scored, etc.

Coaches use stats and numbers to determine training regimens, workout schedules, time-off/time out durations, etc.

Business owners use stats and numbers to determine what products and services they’ll put on the market: net sales, net profits, profit margins, purchases, advertising budgets, sales commissions, executive salaries, marketing campaigns, preferred vendors, and prices.

Hollywood uses stats and numbers to determine the salaries they’ll pay to stars and directors: previous successes in bringing butts to movie seats regardless of the person’s drug and/or alcohol abuse, infidelities, and other scandals.

And Casinos use stats and numbers to, well, take us all to the cleaners.

Come to think of it, you’ll see professionals the world over using stats, spreadsheets, and systems to optimize their results. NO exceptions.

So why then is it that soooo many guys, even most so-called professional dating coaches, are utterly and completely repelled at the thought of tracking their numbers with girls?