The #1 Best Time To Approach A Girl (Ever)


Want to know the absolute best time to approach girls? After thousands of tests and years of research, we’ve discovered the best time to approach women. Read on to discover when to approach.

Just imagine if you knew the perfect time to approach girls… Then you could feel good about going to approach women, so long as it was the right timing.

Today, we share the answer to the question: When is the best time to approach girls?

And the answer is…

Right now!


  • Every opportunity makes a difference.
  • Every time you man up and approach a woman, you have the chance to meet the woman of your dreams.
  • Every chance to find “The One” is time well invested.
  • Every woman who ignores you when you talk to her helps your balls grow slightly bigger.
  • Every woman who you Identify as disrespectful right off the bat builds more titanium in your core.
  • Every woman you meet is a chance to test and strengthen your Image.
  • Every time you follow up with phone numbers and go on more dates, your senses and social awareness develops.
  • Every moment spent refusing to approach a girl or refusing to get rid of a girl who isn’t up to your standards is time you’ll never get back.
  • Every time your mind comes up with some hilarious new BS excuse to not talk to a girl and you approach anyways, you pave the way to a life-time of kicking ass.
  • Every date, every kiss, every phone number, every sexy-time, every break-up, are all drops in the vast ocean of your mind’s database on women, dating, relating and living as happy a life as possible while racing to the goal of enjoying your life with the woman of your dreams.

Warning: There Is One Caveat!

When is the best time to approach girls? Read more to learn the perfect time to approach.

None of anything anyone has ever written on the topic of approaching women matters at all unless you get up and go take action right now.

That means you must physically draw your body away from the computer. Pull your hands up and away from the keyboard. If you’re in a chair, stand up. If you’re dressed well, continue out the door. If not, go put on a suit. Step away from the PC, go to the front door, step outside and go start talking to women right now.



Come back when you’re done and record your thoughts about what happened. Take down stats if you talked to a whole bunch of girls.

Above all, enjoy yourself, learn a whole lot, and let us know how it went (leave a comment below!).

But seriously…