How Macau Could Be A Dream First Date Venue


One of the world’s most mythical and alluring destinations, Macau sits just on the coast of southern mainland China.

Much has been written about Macau yet the vast majority of people in the west do not consider this stunningly beautiful, modern destination as a viable getaway.

Yet with a unique east meets west vibe, amazing cuisine and some of the best shopping on the planet, Macau really could be a dream first date venue!

In this article, we will look at the primary reasons that Macau could be a dream first date venue. Hopefully, by the end, you will look at this special autonomous region of China as a potential destination for your next romantic first date.

So, let’s take a look at the first reason why Macau is such a hot idea for your first date.

Macau is home to the world’s best casinos

Whilst Las Vegas and Singapore are home to some stunning casinos that draw in millions of visitors per year, Macau is home to the world’s biggest gambling industry and also boasts the largest casino on the planet – The Venetian Macau.

Although online gambling is growing exponentially, a visit to Macau allows you to enjoy the majestic allure of the luxurious casino resorts in the autonomous region. If you can’t make it out to Macau yet want a taste of the Asian gambling experience, you can find Japanese online casino reviews at

Macau boasts a unique mixture of cultures

Many people do not know that, until 1999, Macau was a Portuguese territory. In fact, the Portuguese spent almost five-hundred years in Macau in some way or another and this left an indelible mark on the area.

Coming to Macau in 2020 for a first date is an incredibly romantic experience thanks to this unique clash of cultures. You can dine of authentic Cantonese noodles whilst sitting opposite a beautiful Portuguese colonial building that wouldn’t look out of place in downtown Lisbon or Porto. Truly a special experience that’s sure to conjure feelings of intimacy and mystique!

Macau is known for amazing food

Linked to the cultural mix of the territory, which is also home to large Vietnamese and Filipino communities as well as Portuguese and Chinese, the food in Macau is something that makes this place ideal for a first date.

There are so many restaurants to enjoy here! From casual spots serving warm pasteis de nata, a kind of traditional Portuguese custard tart, to Michelin-starred restaurants overlooking the stunning skyline, Macau has it all for foodies!

Macau is a renowned shopping destination

With so much money flowing in and out of Macau daily, it is only normal that the region has a thriving shopping scene! Yet nobody could be prepared for the amazing retail therapy that awaits all who visit this region. Imagine a first date that combines shopping for luxury labels such as Gucci, Fendi and more with exploring the boutiques of local and regional designers who offer their unique wares to tourists and locals alike in Macau.

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