How To Meet Women After College


Some guys finish college, step out into the real world, and then realize that they have no way of finding or meeting a quality girl, much less dating one. Learn how to meet women after college.

How To Meet Women After College

This is an issue that lots of guys have once they get out of the college atmosphere and step out into real life.

I found this question on a random forum recently and I thought that it would make a great post.

I’m looking for some advice. I’ve been out of college for a few years (turning 25 this summer) and it’s easy to notice that meeting women is far more difficult. I’m not the type of guy that likes bars or clubs, and I don’t want to go to church for the wrong reasons. I’m not shy, but I’m not terribly outgoing either. I hang out with friends as much as possible, so any connections they have should be available but that is really quite dry.

It seems like women the same age have plenty of guys to choose from, but there are fewer women to choose from for the single guys. I’ve thought about activities that I can meet women at, but everything I’m interested in is dude-centric (automotive, motorcycle related etc…).

What are some things I can try doing without being someone I’m not? Also, for someone who doesn’t want the stigma of a “pickup artist douchebag”, how do you approach an attractive female when you are out?

So, college days are over and now you’ve found out that meeting pretty ladies is a bit more difficult.

Things change once you step out into the real world, where weekly parties and classes full of eligible young women are no longer at your fingertips everyday.

Some guys finish college, step out into the real world, and then realize that they have no way of finding or meeting a quality girl, much less dating one. This is even more true if bars and clubs aren’t really your thing.

How To Meet Women After College: Where to Go

We listed lots of different places to meet women with examples for how to do so at each one. Here are some of the locations:

This list goes on and on – which brings me to the main point of how to go about meeting women after college:

The more that you are willing to approach women who you have never met, the greater your chances of finding a great girl that really spins your propeller.

This is, hands down, the most direct path to meeting really great girls.

If you’re in a new city where you don’t know anyone, I can think of no better way to start building a great dating life while searching for your Total Ten than learning how to approach women in as many different situations as possible.

Personally, I like approaching women I find attractive because it gives me the greatest degree of control over my dating life.

Could I wait around for friends to introduce me to a girl?

Sure, but that never worked out well for me, it’s highly dependent on who your friends know, and simply isn’t as immediate as getting up, getting out and putting things in motion by myself. I prefer taking action over passively hoping for something better.

“But, isn’t approaching women hard or scary?”

Imagine how simple your life could be if you knew that you had the ability to walk up to any woman and say a confident “hello.”

Every pretty girl you see would potentially be the woman of your dreams.

Is it hard and scary? For some guys, it is… Until they get more experience.

And let’s get something straight. Some guys are apprehensive about going out specifically to meet women. A lot of this, I believe, comes from the fact that some guys feel “sleazy” about this. With the goal and aim of most dating advice, it’s no surprise that the guy in the question above is hesitant about approaching women.

In my experience, when you are honest (most importantly with yourself) about the fact that you’re actively searching for a really great woman, it becomes a very normal, and even respectable thing to approach women everywhere you go.

I’ve approached women who are with their mom, dad and brothers this way and felt nothing but kindness and sincere respect (even when the girl wasn’t interested).

You can find a lot of advice about approaching women out on the internet. I disagree with most of it (based on my own testing and experience).

If you’re looking to date lots of really wonderful women while building the skills necessary to meet your Total Ten, you can pretty much scrap all the BS approaching women advice you’ll find on the internet.

Most of it is based around chasing women, rather than meeting them as a high value man who is straightforward and honest.

Instead, I recommend following a strategy of identification to help you learn how to meet women after college while building the skills needed to make meeting beautiful women both easy, natural and fun.

This was a short article on how to meet women after college so leave a comment. One of the guys here will respond to all comments.

What was your biggest challenge when it came to figuring out how to meet women after college?