How To Meet Women At Starbucks


Here is a story of how I approached one sexy, long-legged woman in a skirt at Starbucks.

How To Meet Women At Starbucks

I love going to Starbucks, or any cafe, and doing work/writing while also keeping my eyes peeled for any pretty women.

Starbucks/cafes/coffee shops are wonderful places to meet women. The opportunities are as endless and the types of women you can meet here.

How To Meet Women At Starbucks: My Story

I went to Starbucks one day to do some work on my laptop.

As always, I chose a good seat: one that gave me view of the door and a wide view of the people inside. Always good to have a good seat. You never know when you might meet the woman of your dreams.

After a while a tall girl with a knee-length skirt walked in and caught my eye. *Very* pretty girl. Nice long legs (just my type).

While she was waiting on her drink we made eye contact.

I smiled and nodded slightly.

She blushed.

I noticed that she sat down somewhere behind me (there was a small partition between us).

Since I was facing the entrance of the Starbucks, I knew that she wouldn’t be able to leave without me approaching her, so I went back to doing my work (I was on a roll).

Later on, when I reached a good pausing point, I turned over my shoulder to see where she was to go talk to her. By some strange coincidence she was looking over her shoulder looking at me.

I went to her table.

Me: “Excuse me. Can I sit here?”

Girl: (She moves her stuff off the chair next to her) “Sure.”

Me: (I sit down) “Hi, what’s your name?”

We shook hands and she held mine a lot longer than necessary.

I knew the feeling.

I made her laugh and we then had a light, very playful conversation.

She asked my name after bantering for about 5-10 minutes.

It was somewhat awkward sitting right next to each other in the position our seats were in (I was somewhat in the aisle) so I moved my chair across from her. I put my hand out on the table where she could touch me if she needed to (touching is one of the typical sign a girl likes you).

She asked questions, I gave funny answers, then we bantered along those lines.

We talked in Starbucks for about 45 minutes.

She laughed A LOT.

Said she was having a lot of fun.

Said she’s glad she came to Starbucks.

She touched me once on the forearm about half-way through while she was laughing.

Almost touched me a second time while laughing but then hesitated and kept her hands to herself.

She never opened any negative topics about herself or showed any red flags that might scare me off. She had good manners. About 5 minutes after meeting she got a work-related call on her phone. She apologized and asked permission to talk. Then apologized again and thanked me after finishing.

By the end of our impromptu coffee date she had made a good impression on me. There was clear chemistry and she had no red flags.

Guys who have read our posts about coffee dates will know that this is about the average time to spend with a girl getting to know her over coffee.

Girl: “So what are you up to now? ”

Me: (I think about it for a second and jokingly look at my non-existent watch) “Actually, I have to be somewhere…in space. Where are you headed?”

Her: “XYZ”

Me: “Cool. I’ll walk you there.”

While walking I offered her my arm and she clung on to it.

She asked how we’ll contact each other again so I got her phone number around this time.

We talked on the phone while standing right next to each other. Always good for a laugh.

When we reached a good place to part ways…

Me: “I had fun today.”

Her: “Thank you.”

Me: “Thanks.”

Then I turn and walk away.

Fun times.

How To Meet Women At Starbucks: Conclusion

It’s all a very simple and straightforward process. Simply keep your eyes peeled and approach the women you find attractive. Stop chasing and start Identifying women who you share chemistry with and everything becomes a whole lot more simple.

I’ve got plenty more Starbucks/cafe/coffee shop approach stories so leave a comment letting me know what kind you’d like to read about.