Is The Law Of Attraction Working For You Or Against You?


Contrary to what you may “think” the Law of Attraction is “always” at work. This is because it is by definition an immutable Universal Law. The real question is: Is it working for you or against you? If the latter is the case then the next questions are: 1) Why? And 2) How can I get it working for me?

You see the Law of Attraction simply states that similar subtle energies are drawn to each other in the Universe. Thoughts, beliefs, feelings, perceptions, and attitudes are examples of such subtle energies. These live within each individual at every moment.

These energies exist qualitatively on a spectrum of negative to positive.

A negative energy is defined as such simply by how it feels and by the impact it has on one’s Life Force Energy. A simple example is: “I am a failure in life”.

Notice how this feels. Clearly it feels “negative”! Why?

Well because it makes you feel awful and awful about yourself. Those are what anyone would call negative feelings or experiences. What’s more, if you notice what that statement does to your energy you’ll readily see that it is depleted from within you. Well that “energy” just happens to be your Life Force Energy that is being depleted.

Another way of saying that is: the belief is “killing you”, because it is draining your Life Force Energy from your body and that is equivalent to dying. If this is not clear take a moment to reflect on this and what it means when a person’s Life Force Energy is completely depleted from their body. There in will come your understanding of this profound insight.

Negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and perceptions about our reality, others and about ourselves are supported and generated at the subconscious level of our minds by memories of earlier negative experiences we’ve had. These memories are actively generating that veil of negativity you experience and struggle with at a conscious level every day.

That same negative energy is creating what I call a “negative magnetic pole”. Now as most individuals carry memories of disappointments within then they are clearly magnetized to drawing more of the same to themselves.

It’s not surprising then that this group of individuals find themselves the most frustrated when they perceive that the Law of Attraction “is not” working for them, rather against them.

So how can you get it to work for you?

Well you have to shift your magnetic pole i.e. you have to “erase” all of those negatively stored memories that are within you once and for all. This allows your Life Force Energy to spontaneously re-invigorate your mind and body there by re-establishing your “positive magnetic pole”

Is this possible? Absolutely!

Now there is a powerfully new process that has been scientifically tested in thousands of individual case studies called the Mind Resonance Process (trademark) (MRP) that can permanently release negative memories, beliefs and feelings. It has been shown to be amazingly 100% effective in doing this.

You can learn more about MRP, by visiting the web link below. There you can listen to a recently recorded internet radio program on MRP or request a free MRP telephone consultation.

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