3 Free Tools To Persuade Your Boyfriend To Quit Smoking


Being in an intimate relationship with a smoker when you can’t stand the cancer sticks yourself can place a great strain on the time you spend together. It’s an inconvenience, it stinks, and costs a lot of money – not to mention the impact on their health and the worry that could cause.

It’s understandable then that if your boyfriend smokes, you would to do anything you can to persuade him to stop. Try these three free tools that will help persuade your boyfriend to kick the habit for good.

The Quit Kit:

The Quit Kit is available free from the NHS and contains an abundance of tools including addiction testSmoke 51 and other.

The Quit Kit includes:

An ‘addiction test’, featuring essential tips designed to increase willpower. The test has been formulated to get you thinking (and remembering) why you want to quit, while also helping you to learn what it is that triggers your nicotine cravings.

Free expert help including access to expert MP3 downloads that have been scientifically proven to help reduce nicotine cravings.

The health/wealth wheel that helps smokers see what difference quitting will make to their health and their bank balance.

Tangle – a toy designed to keep hands and fingers occupied when the urge to light up arises.

A ‘quitting’ wall chart calendar that lets you cross off each successful smoke free day.

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

A free android application, ‘Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation’ incorporates gaming, social, stats, and progress monitoring, into a fantastic quit smoking tool that’s fit for the 21st Century.

The app includes:

Ability to save stats including the date you quit, the exact time since your last cigarette, and the amount of money you’ve saved.

A ‘craving crusher game’ that takes 3 minutes and is designed to help pass the time during the worst of your cravings.

The ability to earn achievements.

Integration with Facebook to allow you to get involved in the ‘Cessation Nation’ community.

Previous and current users of the application have made such comments as ‘it’s fun to see how much money has been saved’, it ‘helps them to feel good about themselves’ and that the ‘Facebook page is full of fellow quitters that offer loads of support’.

Another user has stated that they’ve downloaded a number of similar apps , and have since deleted all but ‘Cessation Nation’.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

If your boyfriend owns an iPhone rather than an android model, ‘Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy’ stands to be a good alternative to Cessation Nation; even if it does work rather differently.

This app uses the still somewhat controversial practice of hypnosis to tap into your subconscious and change the way you think; curbing cravings and supposedly, helping people to quit with minimal effort.

How does it work?

Your boyfriend will partake in a number of hypnosis sessions during which he will relax the mind and listen to hypnotic suggestions designed to completely curb the desire to smoke. While the app does say the hypnosis will take quite a few sessions to take full effect, some users have reported that they have quit smoking completely after just a single session.

What happens?

Hypnosis delivers information to the unconscious mind which will then be passed through to our conscious thoughts and bring about the changes to our lives that we desire.

When information is presented to our unconscious mind it’s accepted as the truth – whereas when this same information is presented to our conscious mind, all manner of other thoughts and ideas come into play that stop us from simply taking the message at face value.

By tapping into our unconscious mind we can filter through positive thoughts and messages to the mind we use every day.

However, if you want to persuade your boyfriend to quit, there’s only so much you can do. In reality, he will only quit if he wants to, and when he’s ready – however, when that time comes, you can be there with an abundance of professionally designed and user-backed tools that will help him along his way to a smoke free future.