6 Changes You Can Make to Your Bed That’ll Make Women Jump Into It


We spend about a third of our lives in one place, and that place is bed. It’s the one place we crave when we’re away from home, our favorite place to kick it after a long day, the hardest place with which to part every morning and the perfect place to have a whole lot of sex.

Your bed is your safe space, a manifestation of your manhood. So, why not invest in it? We don’t just mean getting yourself a comfortable, supportive mattress. This is so much more than that; your bed could be her final deciding factor as to whether or not she feels like sleeping with you.

Here are six things she will certainly notice about your place of slumber before she climbs into it… or insists she better head home.

No woman wants to get naked in a bed that smells like a locker room full of pubescent boys who just came in from a sweaty recess.

1. Make your bed.

Of course, you plan to crawl right back into it, yank the sheets from their tucked positions and dismantle your stack of pillows later anyway, but science says that those who make their beds, regardless, are happier and far less stressed than those who opt out. Likewise, she’ll feel better about climbing into a neat bed than a disheveled one.

2. Change yours sheets by the season.

Sheets are an oft-underrated element, usually left in the shadows of the comforter. But your sheets can make or break your sleep, especially in unruly weather conditions. It’s a fact that women are always colder than men, so consider that when you’re deciding between jersey cotton and flannel sheets come winter.

3. Have more than two pillows.

Even if you don’t need more than two pillows, your bed needs more than two pillows. It looks sad and uninviting without them and it also means that, if you do decide to throw a sleepover, each of you is then relegated to one lone pillow. Toss in at least two standard pillows and two Euro shams propped beneath them, and your bed will feel a world of difference.

4. Don’t overlook the power of the throw.

That’s right: Throw pillows and blankets both have the potential to be wildly influential. They say so much about you as a person by way of colors, prints and materials. Like, if you’ve gone as far as decorating with pillows printed with sports logos, she’ll know you she probably won’t ever get control over the television remote. Or if you’ve got some with inspirational quotes or gingerbread men around the holidays, she’ll assume you’re married.

5. Make sure it smells like clean laundry.

Wash your sheets every week and, if you can’t get to it right away, at least spray them with some sort of fabric freshener. No woman wants to get naked in a bed that smells like a locker room full of pubescent boys who just came in from a sweaty recess.

6. Consider your comforter a vortex.

It should be so comfortable that she’ll want to wrap herself in it and never leave the bed. Get one that is light on the eyes (i.e. one that will match the rest of your room, or bring it together) and heavy on the body (i.e. puffy, down goodness). You might also want to consider a duvet with a cover that you can wash because keeping the most visual aspect of your bed stain-free is certainly important.

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