How to Approach Women At The Gym


Listen up guys, a MUST read: How to Approach Women at the Gym. There are certain ways to approach the hot girl, and then, there are certain ways that will get you a five pound dumbbell shoved between your gluteus maximus.

According to a recent study by WowFit more than half of all gym members were female (50.5%) Committed gym goers usually find themselves working out amongst familiar faces. This will help you in your mission to approach your target. BE PATIENT. Start off with something as simple as eye contact. If she holds your gaze, she’s noticed you and will recognize you the next time. Next, move on to the friendly smile or nod. Two weeks (or so) later you are now in a better position to approach her. She sees you weekly, you are no longer a stranger to her. You are a familiar face to her, she will be more open to you approaching her.

First ask yourself this, “How big are my balls?” Are you the kind of guy confident enough to ask her out immediately or are you the shy type? However you decide to approach her, do it in a way you are comfortable with. Be yourself. Here are some ways you can break the ice and approach her:

  1. “Good morning.”
  2. “Hi, how are you?”
  3. “Is anyone on this?” (Signaling to the bench/machine next to her.)
  4. “You’re making me tired just looking at you.” (You don’t want to come across as hitting on her, you want to come across as appreciating how hard she is working.)
  5. “I don’t know how you do those, those kill me.” (Women tend to workout differently then men. (Use as appropriate.)
  6. “Is that class any good?” (If she just came out of a Group Exercise class.)
  7. Did some jerk leave a machine with 400 pounds worth of plates on it? Help her take them off. Trust us, she will appreciate the help and chivalry!
  8. Find someone at the gym that looks or acts like an idiot. This shouldn’t be hard to find, every gym has one: the grunting juice-head, the woman in the ’80’s-inspired leotard, the guy wearing South Beach-style sunglasses, etc. Try and see this person at the same time she is checking them out. Then make eye contact with her and give a smirk, a small head shake or an eye roll. Create a funny moment between just the two of you. As if you’re saying to her, “Is this guy serious?” “Is she kidding me with that outfit?”
  9. Find a reason to have something to say to her. Is she having trouble adjusting something, that you and you big string self can help with? Did she leave something behind? Is something wrong/broken with what she is about to use? Is the treadmill she is about to hop on squeak/stick/suck? You catch our drift.

This is just as important as the approach itself. For God’s sake don’t be oblivious. Does she smile back or have a look of disgust on her face? Did she answer your question with an attitude or a quick, one-word answer? Read her reaction. If she did any of these, she most likely does not want you to approach her. On the other hand, did she smile back? Have you caught her checking you out? Did she happily answer your question or introduce herself?  Did she go further with your question and spark a small conversation?

The truth is, some women go to the gym looking to get hit on and some women are there just to work out. That’s we why encourage you to be patient. Try and figure out what she’s all about before approaching her. Patience is a virtue, and could make the difference between making an ass out of yourself and getting laid a date.